Business Continuity and Training For All Levels of an Organization

As business continuity planners, we know the importance of protecting our organization. But will everyone in the firm agree with that assessment? Will they back a business continuity plan? It is hard to achieve proper levels of protection without having full commitment from all involved. In this article, a simple procedure for gaining commitment and… Continue reading Business Continuity and Training For All Levels of an Organization

How Effective Is Your Response Plan?

Beginning with Sept. 11, 2001, the premise that a disaster is “a low probability, high consequence event” has become redefined in reality as “a high probability, very high consequence event.” Since 9-11, we have suffered a major electric northeast grid failure in August 2003; four catastrophic hurricanes during the 2004 hurricane season; a tsunami in… Continue reading How Effective Is Your Response Plan?

Establishing a Corporate Business Continuity Program

Developing a corporate business continuity program is a function of wide-ranging and critical operational concerns, including the need to drive higher revenues and profits, control costs, respond to increasing regulatory issues, and plan for unpredictable business disruptions or catastrophic disasters. Many forward-looking companies are finding that meeting these concerns requires 24×7 information availability – the… Continue reading Establishing a Corporate Business Continuity Program

GAP to the Rescue

Everyone in the business world seems to be having to do more with fewer human resources on a smaller budget. We no longer have the luxury of hiring additional staff or consultants to implement or improve upon our business continuity/disaster recovery programs. The Generally Accepted Business Continuity Practices (GAP) document could be the extra hand… Continue reading GAP to the Rescue

Business Continuity Management

There are many risks that threaten organizations by disrupting computer systems and business processes. These risks include traditional emergencies like fires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes as well as risks from cyber-terrorism, cyber-crime, computer and telecommunications failures, theft, and employee sabotage. Any one of these risks can be very disruptive to a business. There are also… Continue reading Business Continuity Management

Many Celebrations Planned for DRJ’s 20th Anniversary

In my last column, I mentioned that Disaster Recovery Journal is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2007. This is quite a milestone for us, so I wanted to elaborate a little more on our celebrations. The cover is a compilation of many photos we have collected over the past two decades. There have been a… Continue reading Many Celebrations Planned for DRJ’s 20th Anniversary

DRII Strengthens Program in Asia

Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International) has the brightest outlook for Asia and the Pacific Rim in 2008.  With the introduction of four new regional partners, DRI International is well positioned to expand in this vital area of the world.  It is DRI International’s mission to further the practice of   business continuity management (BCM), by… Continue reading DRII Strengthens Program in Asia

PPBI Salutes Brent Woodworth

Brent Woodworth recently returned from Bangladesh, where he led the IBM Crisis Response Team to assist with recovery operations following the devastating cyclone Sidr. For Woodworth, responding through private/public partnerships is a way of life. PPBI honored Woodworth with the PPBI Best Practices Award for his team’s work following the Indian Ocean Tsunami. His dedication… Continue reading PPBI Salutes Brent Woodworth