The no excuses approach to business continuity

Too many organizations question the value of a business continuity plan, viewing it as costly and difficult to implement. Don’t be fooled: you need to understand how an unexpected disaster can harm your business and the steps you can take to function in almost any crisis. To read the article, please click here:

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How communities bounce back from disaster

Last summer an EF3 tornado ripped through my town, Monson, Massachusetts. There is a very particular feeling of vulnerability you experience in such a violent storm. You crouch in a dark basement, the windows explode inwards, and you have no idea if the groaning beams will hold. To read the article, please click here:

Sustainment – How Leaders Can Influence Engagement

Earlier this week as I began to put this blog together, Hurricane Isaac made landfall in southeastern Louisiana, with winds of 80 mph that spread out over an area 200 miles wide.  It was a Category 1 hurricane as it came ashore, and the National Hurricane Center warned of “strong winds and a dangerous storm… Continue reading Sustainment – How Leaders Can Influence Engagement

First Death in US Due to New Variant Swine Flu Strain. This Is Due to Pig to Human Transmission at Fairs. Hygiene Counts…Really!

Zoonotic infections…What are those you say?!?!?  A zoonotic disease is an infection that is naturally transmitted from vertebrate animals to human beings. Pigs have been the source of significant zoonotic infections of humans, including like this one, a fatal case of “swine influenza” attributed to the swine influenza virus. State health officials in Ohio reported… Continue reading First Death in US Due to New Variant Swine Flu Strain. This Is Due to Pig to Human Transmission at Fairs. Hygiene Counts…Really!