Happy #GroundhogDay! Winter Tornado Storms Remind Me Of Groundhog Day…And In Disasters That Is Not A Good Thing! #SMEM

When that massive storm tore through the Southeast and parts of the Midwest early this week I thought – wow, this is just like Groundhog day!  This incredible storm flipped cars on the interstate, demolished homes and businesses, killed at least one person, injured over 20 and left tens of thousands without power. http://emssolutionsinc.wordpress.com/2013/02/02/happy-groundhogday-winter-tornado-storms-remind-me-of-groundhog-dayand-in-disasters-that-is-not-a-good-thing-smem/

Data Protection Laws, an Ocean Apart

OVER the years, the United States and Europe have taken different approaches toward protecting people’s personal information. Now the two sides are struggling to bridge that divide. On this side of the Atlantic, Congress has enacted a patchwork quilt of privacy laws that separately limit the use of Americans’ medical records, credit reports, video rental… Continue reading Data Protection Laws, an Ocean Apart

Five security risks of moving data in BYOD era

The influx of computing devices, from laptops to smartphones and tablets, into the workplace might bring convenience and increased productivity to individual employees. However, this bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend also surfaces a range of security risks and challenges in terms of securing corporate networks and data, mobile device management, and having granular security policies. http://www.zdnet.com/five-security-risks-of-moving-data-in-byod-era-7000010665/

How Do You Move Ethical Values Down Through Your Company?

What do employees want most in their company’s values? That is a question that has plagued companies for many, many years. I would argue that one of the concepts which should be in the conversation is respect for a company’s ethical values. One of the tasks in any company is to get senior and middle… Continue reading How Do You Move Ethical Values Down Through Your Company?

4 Steps to Effective Enterprise Risk Management

The bigger a business is, the more it has to lose. If a company doesn’t create an effective risk management plan, it could soon find itself in major trouble for overlooking an easily avoidable event. The price of not having a risk management plan can very quickly outweigh any cost related to creating one. Enterprise… Continue reading 4 Steps to Effective Enterprise Risk Management

“3rd parties” Cost Lilly $29,398,734

One of my favorite clients, World Compliance, publishes an occasional email newsletter. World Compliance (http://www.worldcompliance.com/en/default.aspx) claims it “helps mitigate risk by providing an information advantage through access to the world’s largest, most comprehensive anti-corruption database. “ http://johnglennmbci.blogspot.com/2013/01/erm-bc-coop-3rd-parties-cost-lilly.html

Feeling Better?!? Google Flu Trends Are “Trending Down.” Still Lots of #Flu Out There…Be Vigilant With Cough/Hand Hygiene #SMEM

Yes, there is still lots of flu out there but are now trending down well.  CDC will be issuing their “Flu Weekly” report on Friday that will offer laboratory confirmation. http://emssolutionsinc.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/feeling-better-google-flu-trends-are-trending-down-still-lots-of-flu-out-therebe-vigilant-with-coughhand-hygiene-smem/