Rethink Your Argument Approach to Resiliency!

By Rob Giffin, Avalution ConsultingOriginally posted on Avalution Consulting’s Blog Have you ever recommended additional redundancy for a process, department, or facility, only to be told that your organization couldn’t afford it or have the project repeatedly delayed until next year? I have. It’s pretty common in our profession.  Casey Haskins and Peter Sims recently wrote an… Continue reading Rethink Your Argument Approach to Resiliency!

The 21st Century Data Center

The emergence of the data center began in the 1990s, when companies began installing servers on their premises, replacing clunky and outdated mainframes. As technology improved, these spaces moved to off-site facilities with more dedicated resources. Today’s data centers are impressively sized, with countless premium features. In fact, the world’s largest data center—located in Las… Continue reading The 21st Century Data Center

What to know about private cloud!

Before considering cloud-based data protection, it is important to first understand the basics of cloud, which can sometimes be foggy (at best). With trade magazines and publications defining the “cloud” in a number of different ways, IT managers and executives are often confused about the true meaning of the term; however the recent maturation of cloud-based services… Continue reading What to know about private cloud!

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Salary Survey

BC Management strives to educate the BC profession by developing annual compensation and program benchmarking reports. These complimentary reports have been published on an annual basis since 2001. The data used in these reports have been collected via an on-line, confidential survey that is distributed to continuity professionals on a worldwide basis. We have found… Continue reading Salary Survey