Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite

Unified Critical Communication Suite Everbridge fills the “critical” void in existing unified communications programs by providing organizations with a platform to communicate and collaborate during disruptive events. More than 2,500 clients around the world rely on Everbridge to be better prepared, make better decisions, and communicate and collaborate quickly and confidently during emergencies and all… Continue reading Everbridge Unified Critical Communication Suite

Web Committee

Purpose: The Web Committee reviews the DRJ website and related publications and communications, on an ongoing basis, and identifies potential enhancements/corrections for review by the DRJ staff. Composition: The Web Committee consists of both Editorial Advisory Board members and non-Editorial Advisory Board members. In addition, the Committee includes four DRJ staff members: the President, the… Continue reading Web Committee

Career Development Committee

Mission Statement The Career Development Committee promotes education, opportunity, inclusion, and excellence surrounding the exploration and evolution of career paths in all aspects of Business Continuity and Risk Management.  Key elements of our mission include promoting open and candid discussions of career opportunities, providing mentorship, resources, and guidance to equip our membership with the necessary… Continue reading Career Development Committee

The Business Value of Operational Risk Management

Operational risk management (ORM) is more than knowing how to evaluate risk. It is a continuously-repeated process which includes risk assessment, risk decision-making, and implementation of risk controls that result in risk acceptance, mitigation, or avoidance. ORM is more complicated than a basic definition. According to the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP), operational risk… Continue reading The Business Value of Operational Risk Management

Operational Risk Management: Don’t Run Your Business Without It

Can you afford to manage a business without knowing the risks? Of course not. But suppose you decide – for whatever reason – to not take risk management very seriously. What could happen? Naturally, your business could fail; that’s probably the worst case. Your business could be acquired by someone else who extracts the worthwhile… Continue reading Operational Risk Management: Don’t Run Your Business Without It