• AllConnected
AllConnected is an expert in IT infrastructure high-availability and disaster recovery. Our managed IT services are designed around prevention of data loss, downtime, and security breaches, with a mission to prepare IT for survival. AllConnected works with clients to deliver confidence in recovery through ongoing patch management, monitoring, strategic review, runbook maintenance, and DR testing with key stakeholders. We have a passion for preparedness and a goal to test DR daily.

AllConnected’s clients benefit from a strong focus on customer satisfaction and attention to detail. They combine cutting-edge technology with architectural design, value-added services, onsite training, integration, testing labs and a commitment to quality. From solution design through implementation and ongoing support, AllConnected’s sales and technical team remains focused on providing unwavering support throughout a project and managed Disaster Recovery services. For more information please visit
4514 Ish Drive, Simi Valley, 93063, Ca, United States