How to Conduct an “End-to-End” Disaster Recovery Exercise in Real Time

April 3, 2013

[…] technical challenges faced in end-to-end disaster recovery exercises which attempt a full life cycle of transactions across disaster recovery applications and their dependencies and simulate business activities during the exercises. Growing reliance on information technology, along with compliance and regulatory requirements, has led many organizations to focus on business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) […]

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Disaster Recovery

Counting on Disaster: What Every Financial Institution Should Know

May 10, 2019

Disaster planning and recovery are often viewed as the need for backup systems to safeguard an organization’s data. Here’s a little hint for the survival of your company ... it’s not just about the data.

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The Difference a Hurricane Can Make: The Change of Louisiana’s Emergency Preparedness Effort

April 13, 2010

[…] well remembered is that the process of changewithin Louisiana’s state of emergency preparedness does not beginwith the devastation of Katrina. The process actually starts a coupleof years before Katrina. As was mentioned before, to understand wherethe program is now we have to start at the true beginning thatstarted the process of change. Usingthe same […]

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What can your BCM Tool do for you?

March 16, 2010

[…] matter the industry or sector, and discretionary spending items are omitted from budgets without even a second thought. This being the case, why would any organization choose during these critical times to implement a Business Continuity (BC) or Continuity of Operations (COOP) program?  It is interesting to actually sit back and think about the […]

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Continuity of Operations Does Not Mean Business Continuity

November 14, 2018

[…] to work in a short time, neither COOP nor BCM plans are necessary.  Emergency management has embraced the challenge of keeping other parts of their organization working during a disruption by their COOP programs. EM responds to the cause of disruption (the hurricane, food, or fire). Their view has been expanded via the COOP […]

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People: The X Factor In Your Disaster Recovery Plan

February 15, 2018

[…] to stay on top of necessary updates, communicate changes to DR plans, conduct thorough testing, and contend with changing technology. And the employees executing the recovery plans during an emergency are making crucial judgment calls in the moment, under pressure and recovering or even rebuilding systems in a disaster’s wake. This confluence of judgment, […]

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Risk Management

A Roadmap from Business Continuity to Operational Resilience

February 16, 2023

[…] above, in resilience is proactive, while the BC/DR duo is more reactive; that is, it mainly focuses on issues after the disaster. Yes, there are preparations for before, like emergency plans, but these are not operational preparations, they are plans to prevent confusion for the aftermath. We need to be more vigilant, cautious, prepared, […]

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Understanding High Availability and Disaster Recovery in Your Overall Recovery Strategy

November 16, 2010

When developing a disaster recovery strategy, customers frequently ask me to clarify the difference between disaster recovery and high availability. And now with the rise of cloud computing, they also ask, “How will cloud make a difference in what I should consider?” The last question first. There are two sides to a cloud; the […]

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Unlocking Resilience

August 10, 2017

[…] an organization does not have a good, well-defined strategy for implementing organizational resilience that includes its workforce, the results will inevitably be uncertainty and poor decision making during a crisis or other operational issue. What is the value proposition for businesses to invest in resilience? The value proposition and potential dividends for leaders to […]

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Choosing Between the In-House Option or a Service Provider for Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity

September 28, 2011

[…] organization access to a highly skilled technical staff that is typically called into action to assist numerous customers through frequent test exercises and, potentially, several disaster declarations during the course of a year. At the best service providers, employees will bring many years of experience to their roles and receive ongoing training and certifications […]

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