Editorial Advisory Board

The purpose of the DRJ EAB is to promote and enhance the professionalism and effectiveness of the business continuity and emergency management industry by:

  • Providing strategic direction regarding the focus, format, and content of the DRJ magazine, Web site, and conferences;
  • Contributing editorial columns and articles when possible;
  • Actively searching out authors, speakers, and content for DRJ publications, Web site, and events;
  • Liaising with related professional and government organizations active in DRJ’s field of interest.

Tough Questions?

The experts on the EAB are ready and willing to help assist you on topics/questions that may be stumping you. Email them your question.

Get Involved with the EAB

We are always looking for individuals from the industry to help guide the DRJ with new ideas and suggestions. Click here to email us of your interest in participating on this very active advisory board.

Current Membership

  • Selma Coutinho, MBA, MBCI, CBCP
    • Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
  • Shella Gentry, CBCP, ITIL
    • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • Sue Hornstra, MCBI, CBCP
    • G.E.
  • Colleen Huber, MBCP, CRMP, MBCI, CBRM, CAL1
    • Nelnet
  • Theresa Kirchner, Ph.D., MBCP, MBCI
    • Old Dominion University
    • Molina Healthcare
  • Vicky McKim, AFBCI, MBCP, CRMP
    • Aureon
  • Margaret Millett, MBCP, MBCI, MsBC
    • MetLife, Inc.
  • Martin Myers, MBCP, AFBCI, CERT
    • Martin Myers & Associates
  • Lamar S. Poppell, CBCP, MBCI, PMP, Six Sigma, CERT
    • Jack Henry & Associates
  • Tracey Rice, MBCI (Hon.)
    • Fusion Risk Management, Inc.
  • Jayme Rick, MBCP, AFBCI
    • Sprint
  • Paul Striedl, MBCI, CBCP
    • Stifel
  • Skip Williams, AMBCI
    • KingsBridge BCP
  • Matt Ziska, Ph.D., CSP, CHMM, CBCP
    • CW Hemp, Inc.