Glossary Committee


The purpose of the DRJ BC Glossary is to provide a reference to industry specialists that defines what is meant by terminology, acronyms and phrases used within the professions of business continuity, disaster recovery, public sector, emergency management, crisis management and/or risk management.  The committee consists of volunteers who represent and are subject matter experts in these various professions.

Mission Statement

The mission of the DRJ BC Glossary Committee is to define newly introduced, specialized and commonly used industry terms and reviews the existing definitions within the DRJ BC Glossary to ensure they stay current with the evolving profession.

Member Roles & Responsibilities

  • To attend all committee meetings.
  • To contribute to the content of the glossary, with its definitions, categories and its ease of use.
  • To identify and create improvements for the glossary function and content.
  • To assist in establishing effective working groups for additional glossary improvements.
  • To volunteer on occasion and as time allows to meet special needs of the committee and its working groups.

Meeting Frequency

Committee meetings are held monthly for 1 hour via web and conference call.  All committee members are expected to attend.  Should a member fail to attend 3 consecutive meetings, the Chair will contact the member to determine whether they wish to continue with the committee.

Time Commitment

The average time commitment for attending committee meetings is 12 hours per year.  We anticipate an additional 10 – 20 hours per year may be spent on working groups, related tasks and activities. Occasionally there are working groups that may be volunteered for which could require additional time.

Contributions and Compensation

Your time and expertise are valuable to the Glossary Committee, to DRJ and to all the industry resilience and continuity practioners. While your contribution to the committee is essential to its success, we recognize there will be limits and impacts that may be unavoidable at times because of your responsibility to your employer. While we are very grateful of your time and expertise, we offer no compensation of any sort to members, other than the satisfaction of knowing you are helping your peers and those new to our field of practice by contributing to a valuable resource for their use.


Anyone interested in participating in this committee should email