Career Development Committee

Mission Statement

The Career Development Committee promotes education, opportunity, inclusion, and excellence surrounding the exploration and evolution of career paths in all aspects of Business Continuity and Risk Management.  Key elements of our mission include promoting open and candid discussions of career opportunities, providing mentorship, resources, and guidance to equip our membership with the necessary knowledge, best practices and tools to succeed in their chosen career path.

Member Roles & Responsibilities

  • To attend all committee meetings.
  • To contribute to the strategic direction and ongoing evolution of the Career Development Committee.
  • To identify and drive new initiatives that support the mission statement.
  • To assist in establishing effective working groups to work on committee initiatives.
  • To lead or participate in at least 1 working group to support delivery and execution of committee initiatives.

Meeting Frequency

Committee meetings are held monthly for 1 hour via web and conference call.  All committee members are expected to attend.  Should a member fail to attend 3 consecutive meetings, the Chair will contact the member to determine whether they wish to continue with the committee.

Time Commitment

The average time commitment for attending committee meetings is 12 hours per year.  We anticipate an additional 12-24 hours per year may be spent on working groups, related tasks and activities.

Contributions and Compensation

Your contributions are much appreciated!  All work and tasks performed are indeed very important and are done for the betterment of the industry. In addition, we understand your time commitment is based on your availability and may be impacted by your organization commitment and responsibilities. While we are very grateful of your time and expertise, we offer no compensation of any sort to members.


Anyone interested in participating in this committee should email