Rules and Regulations Committee


The Rules & Regulations (R&R) Committee is responsible for maintaining Disaster Recovery Journal’s Rules & Regulations database ( The DRJ R&R database is intended to provide a singular resource to find the most complete and comprehensive list of BC/DR-related rules and regulations.


The committee includes members of the editorial advisory board, and other industry professionals who are interested in contributing to the DRJ R&R database.


The R&R committee meets once a week, for three weeks, one month prior to each DRJ conference (fall and spring).


The R&R Committee reviews the current content of the R&R database to ensure the list remains up-to-date. And, when new rules or regulations are introduced, the committee members add these to our list. The committee’s goal is to provide an updated version for upload to the DRJ website prior to the start of each DRJ conference.


Anyone interested in participating in this committee should contact the rules and regulations committee chair at: