Web Committee


The Web Committee reviews the DRJ website and related publications and communications, on an ongoing basis, and identifies potential enhancements/corrections for review by the DRJ staff.


The Web Committee consists of both Editorial Advisory Board members and non-Editorial Advisory Board members. In addition, the Committee includes four DRJ staff members: the President, the Editor in Chief, and the Senior Web Designer.


Most of the Web Committee’s information-sharing will be electronic and ongoing, using the web@drj.com email capability. Therefore, few formal committee meetings are envisioned. The Committee will meet briefly at each DRJ Conference to assess the functioning of the Committee and schedule meetings as necessary.


Web Committee non-staff members are responsible for reviewing the DRJ website on an ongoing basis and devoting dedicated time at least twice per month to assess the content and functionality of its webpages, posted/linked material, and DRJ print material (e.g. the Journal, brochures, and email communications) which may be posted on the website in the future. They report their comments and suggestions for correction/enhancement to the Committee via the web@drj.com email address. Types of feedback that are particularly useful for the website staff include:

  1. Is the website easy to use?
  2. Can you find what you are looking for easily?
  3. Are you finding dead links?
  4. Are there documents that are no longer valid (last update date missing)?
  5. Are there old documents that are no longer valid?
  6. Are there documents in which the subject matter is confusing?
  7. Is the content is old or outdated?