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Executive Council Members

The DRJ Executive Council is comprised of senior-level executives within the business continuity/disaster recovery industry. The council serves in an advisory role to help Disaster Recovery Journal leadership define and execute their strategic vision.

Kathleen Aris, CMP
Sungard Availability Services

Dan Bailey, FBCI
ViewPoint Bank, N.A.

Dan Baileyis the VP / risk officer at ViewPoint Bank (NASDAQ: VPFG) in Plano, Texas. He advises ViewPoint Bank regarding its enterprise risk management program and he is directly responsible for the operational risk management program, which includes the business continuity management (business recovery, disaster recovery, and incident/crisis response), product/service implementation, and vendor management programs. Bailey’s experience spans more than 22 years in risk and business continuity management, both as a practitioner and an advisor. Bailey received his FBCI certification from The Business Continuity Institute in 2006. He is also a co-founder of the Arkansas ACP Chapter and served as president of the North Texas ACP Chapter in 2002.

Pat Corcoran
IBM Business Continuity and Recovery

With over thirty-seven years of professional IT, services and management experience in diverse technology projects and international market segments, Corcoran currently lead IBM teams in the development of integrated business resiliency (continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, high availability and risk mitigation) solutions for regional and international clients looking to protect their businesses. Corcoran has worked with a variety of organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to startup companies. Corcoran has also been a part of IBM’s crisis response efforts for numerous regional crisis events including the aftermath of the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001, Hurricane Katrina, Haiti Earthquake, March 11, 2011 Japan Earthquake/Tsunami, and Hurricane Sandy.

Jeff Dato
Intercontinental Hotel's Group

Jeff Dato has been involved in the risk management and business continuity industries for over 25 years, serving as an industry practitioner, global consultant and technology ("hot site") services vendor. He has been involved in all aspect of managing risk during his tenure, including the development of enterprise risk management (ERM) and business continuity management (BCM) programs within the Banking, Transportation and Hospitality industries, the leadership of global "Big 4" BCM practices, the expansion and oversight of operational risk management programs across several industries, and the management of complex insurance programs.

Dato is a charter member of the DRJ Executive Council and former Chairman of the DRJ Editorial Advisory Board, a member of the BC Management’s International Benchmarking Advisory Board, a founder of three independent BCM information exchange groups. He has also been involved furthering the ERM and BCM industries, serving in leadership positions within numerous industry organizations, lecturing at major universities, and sitting on the Risk & Compliance Committee of the Board of Directors for a regional healthcare provider and the ERM Initiative Advisory Board of North Carolina State’s Poole School of Business.

Dato currently serves as head of regional risk and reputation (Americas) at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), responsible for the oversight and management of operational, commercial and strategic risk for over 3,600 hotel and resort properties across North and South America and the Caribbean. He also serves as the global leader for the corporate risk function, which is focused on managing brand and reputation risk across all eleven IHG brands with locations spanning 100+ countries.

Edward S. Devlin, CBCP
Edward S. Devlin & Associates

Ed Devlin, a 1998 nominee of the Contingency Planning Industry Hall of Fame, is a leading consultant, author, instructor and speaker in the disaster recovery/business continuity industry. A co-founder in 1973 of the first U.S. company to specialize in DR planning and consulting, Devlin has assisted more than 1,000companies worldwide in developing their business continuity plans. Devlin co-authored the book “Business Resumption Planning” published by Auerbach Publishing in 1994 and has been writing “The Perspective of Ed Devlin” column for the DRJ from 1992-2012. He has been a highly sought speaker on the topics of disaster recovery and business continuity both in the U.S. and abroad.

James Hammill, CBCP
JMH Consulting

Jim Hammill is an independent consultant and has been an activeparticipant in business continuity for 18 years. He has been an advisor to private sector CIOs, Federal Emergency Management Agency, and a member of the Natural Hazards Caucus Committee, advising 18 U.S. senators to widen the understanding in Congress to risk and cost reduction for natural and man-made disasters. Hammill served the Disaster Recovery Journal Editorial Advisory Board for many years and is now a member of the DRJ Executive Council.

John Jackson
Fusion Risk Management

John Jackson is the executive vice president of Fusion RiskManagement. Recognized worldwide as an expert and spokesperson on business continuity and high availability services, Jackson brings a wealth of industry expertise with more than 24 years in this area.

Peter R. Laz, MBCI
Fusion Risk Management 

Peter Laz is the senior managing consultant at Fusion Risk Management. Laz has 30 years of experience in the continuity risk management profession designing enterprise-wide BC/DR programs. He is an industry-recognized subject matter expert and is responsible for advisory service development and oversight of continuity risk management engagements focused on helping BCM leaders be more successful in their organizations. Laz is a frequent speaker at international and regional conferences and is a former chairperson of DRJ’s Editorial Advisory Board.

Jerry Montella

A founding member of Mail-Gard, Jerry Montella successfully developed the company into the nation's leading provider of print-to-mail continuity and recovery services. As vice president, Montella is responsible for overseeing sales, customer service, technical and production operations. Prior to joining Mail-Gard in 1996, Montella served as the director of the brokerage division of CC3, Mail-Gard's then parent company, and previously owned and operated his own direct mail and fulfillment company. Montella serves on the National Postal Policy Council and is currently on the executive council for Disaster Recovery Journal. Jerry's insight on the print/mail recovery industry has been published in Continuity Insights, Disaster Recovery Journal, Document, and Mailing Systems and Technology magazines. He is a noted speaker for national and local postal, print and disaster recovery conferences.

Frank Perlmutter
Strategic BCP

Frank Perlmutter (CBCP, MBCI) is the president and co-founder of Strategic BCP®—the creators of ResilienceONE® BCM Software. He has over 20 years of experience in the Business Continuity (BC) and Risk Management (RM) fields. A former manager of DR/COOP (BCP) and risk manager for the U.S. Treasury, Perlmuetter has directed business continuity planning and strategic projects for over 100 corporate clients—and more than 20 within the federal government.

Ann Pickren

Pickren’s experience spans the BC/DR, crisis management and supply chain management sectors, providing strategic counsel for many Fortune 500 companies. As president and COO, Pickren oversees global marketing and sales operations, including sales engineering, direct sales, OEM and channel sales. She also consults directly with customers to develop emergency management and business continuity best practices.

Randy Till, CBCP

Business continuity professional with more than 20 plus years experience creating and implementing business continuity management programs. Expertise spans marketing, management, and application of continuity and resiliency practices from inception to maturity. Proven ability to integrate holistic planning processes to protect company assets and build resilient services.

Belinda Wilson, MBCI, CBCP

Belinda Wilson is senior director responsible for the business continuity management (BCM) practice within security and risk management. BCM includes disaster recovery, business continuity and crisis management. With 24 years of experience in business continuity, disaster recovery and high-availability, Wilson is a recognized expert in her profession providing valuable insight to clients for their BC strategies and programs. In addition to being a member of the DRJ Executive Council, Wilson is also on the peer review panel of the Business Continuity Journal and member of the BC Standing Committee of the Financial Services Technology Consortium. She has served on DRII’s Executive Board of Directors, president of ACP Northern California Chapter, president of BRMA, and on the Continuity Insights Editorial Advisory Board. Wilson is a certified member of the Business Continuity Institute and inducted in the CPM Hall of Fame for BC Vendor Practitioner.

William Worsley, CBCP
Dow Chemical, retired