Setting a new precedent in business continuity training, The DRJ Academy BC Primer Course covers key skills and processes that professionals need to know and execute well in order to build the correct foundation to establish an outcome-focused business continuity program. The DRJ Academy BC Primer Course is a skills-focused, self-paced online course with the goal of equipping an individual with the abilities and competencies needed to design, develop, and implement the process to achieve a state of readiness to face any adversity or challenge for an organization. 

The DRJ BC Primer Course is designed as an entry-level introduction to the basics of business continuity. This basic course walks you through the strategic and tactical process of launching a new BC program, restoring a broken program, or re-establishing an abandoned BC program. Are you prepared to lead your team? If you have any uncertainty, then now is the time to sign up and implement your own fresh business continuity program with the help of DRJ Academy

The BC Primer Course

Who Should Take this Course

  • Anyone searching for knowledge and understanding of business continuity and resiliency
  • For those individuals with the responsibility of implementing a business continuity program
  • Professionals building a fresh BC program, restoring a broken program, or reestablishing an abandoned BC program
  • All newcomers to business continuity!

The DRJ Academy mission is to unleash your potential by providing a modern-day framework for those planners who are just starting out, or for those whose activities are not producing the results you seek. We’ll show you how to be agile, smart, systematic, practical, and functional. The DRJ Academy BC Primer course represents a breakthrough in the design, approach, and delivery of a BC Program. The methodology of planning is like no other in the world. Simplicity at its finest.

Invaluable Skills and Tools

  • Easy-to-follow online course built of skills-focused and self-paced instruction
  • Entry-level introduction to the basics of business continuity
  • Core concepts and fundamentals and how to execute each step of the planning process
  • Simplified tactics and tools to gain buy-in, ownership, and participation within your organization
  • 9 chapters, 32 sessions and 8+ hours of learning content at your fingertips
  • Step-by-step sixth-month implementation process
  • Six months of regular bi-weekly coaching sessions with the instructor and fellow participants, helping you execute each step of the learning process
  • Six months of access to the course and artifacts 
  • BC Primer Success Kit (participants will have a personalized learning journal to hold your course artifacts, master course outline, rapid continuity quick reference guide, all quick study guides, a course notebook, and some added prizes shipped to their door!) *mailed success kit offer available for US participants only

Why You Should Take This Course

This course will help tailor your resiliency program to your specific needs today, walking you through the strategic and tactical process of launching a new BC program, restoring a broken program, or reestablishing an abandoned BC program.This course is built with the collective collaboration of seasoned practitioners of whom have collected years of experience in challenging the status quo, breaking through stubborn walls, and learning what is required to recover your organization from any adversity or challenge. The DRJ Academy BC Primer Course is your best beginning in gaining the knowledge you need to take these important first steps to success.

Questions about DRJ Academy?

    Meet Our Instructor and Course Author

    Phil Lambert is a visionary, game changer, and challenges outdated program strategies that no longer produce the outcomes we set out to achieve. Phil is an expert in the contingency planning field with over 24 years of experience. He has proven success in the design, development, and implementation of an enterprise wide continuity program based on an organization’s risk appetite, aligned with their culture, and produces the outcomes senior leaders ask for.

    Our Happy Clients!

    Fantastic primer. Well put together. Pace of conveying concepts and information was perfect.

    Coming into the course with some prior experience, the sections covering training and exercise were the most valuable for me. 

    Will absolutely be recommending this course to my network!

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