Creeping Disaster

A slow degradation of service or deterioration in quality or performance over a period of time which ultimately leads to a business interruption of disaster proportions.


Abnormal and unstable situation that threatens the organization's strategic objectives, reputation or viability.

Crisis Communication Plan

A plan that specifically addresses stakeholder communications during a crisis, including the public, shareholders, clients, employees and partners.

Crisis Management

The overall direction of an organization's response to a disruptive event, in an effective, timely manner, with the goal of avoiding or minimizing damage to the organization's profitability, reputation, and ability to operate. Development and application of the organizational capability to deal with a crisis.

Crisis Management Plan

Coordination and execution of actions to be taken immediately before, during and after a catastrophic incident that preserve lives, safeguard property, and reduce or minimize damage to the organization's profitability, reputation, or ability to operate.

Crisis Management Team (CMT)

A team consisting of key leaders (e.g., media representative, legal counsel, facilities manager, disaster recovery coordinator), and the appropriate business owners of critical functions who are responsible for recovery operations during a crisis.


A qualitative description used to emphasize the importance of a resource, process or function that must be available and operational either constantly or at the earliest possible time after an incident, emergency or disaster has occurred.

Critical Activities

Those activities which have to be performed to deliver the key products and services and which enable an organization to meet the most important and time-sensitive objectives.

Critical Business Functions (CBF)

The critical operational and/or business support functions that could not be interrupted or unavailable for more than a mandated or predetermined timeframe without significantly jeopardizing the organization. Vital functions without which an organization will either not survive or will lose the capability to effectively achieve its critical objectives.

Critical Component Failure Analysis

A review of the components involved in delivery of an enterprise wide process and an assessment of the relationship dependencies and impact of failure of one component.