Critical Business Functions (CBF)

The critical operational and/or business support functions that could not be interrupted or unavailable for more than a mandated or predetermined timeframe without significantly jeopardizing the organization. Vital functions without which an organization will either not survive or will lose the capability to effectively achieve its critical objectives.

Critical Component Failure Analysis

A review of the components involved in delivery of an enterprise wide process and an assessment of the relationship dependencies and impact of failure of one component.

Critical Data Point

The point in time to which data must be restored and synchronized to achieve a Maximum Acceptable Outage.

Critical Infrastructure

Physical assets (e.g., electrical power, telecommunications, water, gas and transportation) whose disruption or destruction would have a debilitating impact on the economic and/or physical security of an entity (e.g., organization, community, nation).

Critical Staff

Staff members whose skills, knowledge and/or involvement are necessary to recover a critical business function.

Critical Success Factors (CSF)

A management technique developed in 1970's but still popular, in which an organization identifies a limited number of activities it has to get correct to achieve its primary missions.

Critical Supplier

Looking back in the logistical process (upstream) of a product or service, any supplier that could cause a disruption or outage to the organization's critical functions as documented in the BIA.