Declaration Fee

A fee charged by a commercial hot site vendor for a customer invoked disaster declaration

Denial of Access

Loss of access to any asset (premises, hardware, systems) when no physical damage has been done to the asset.

Denial of Physical Access

The inability of an organization to access and/or occupy its normal physical, working environment.


The reliance or interaction, directly or indirectly, of one activity, or process, or component thereof, upon another.


The Technical Practice within the BCM Lifecycle of the BCI Good Practice Guidelines that identifies and selects appropriate strategies to determine how continuity and recovery from disruption will be achieved.

Desk Check

One method of validating a specific component of a plan.

Desktop Exercise

Technique for rehearsing teams in which participants review and discuss the actions they would take according to their plans, but do not perform any of these actions.

Differential Backup

Backup process that copies only such items that have been changed since the last full backup.


Situation where widespread human, material, economic or environmental losses have occurred which exceeded the ability of the affected organization, community or society to respond and recover using its own resources.

Disaster Declaration

The staff should be familiar with the list of assessment criteria of an incident versus disaster situation established by the BCM or DR Steering Committee and the notification procedure when a disaster occurs.