Incident Management Team (IMT)

A Group of individuals responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive plan for responding to a disruptive incident. The team consists of a core group of decision-makers trained in incident management and prepared to respond to any situation.

Incident Manager

Commands the local emergency operations center (EOC) reporting up to senior management on the recovery progress. Has the authority to invoke the recovery plan.

Incident Response

The response of an organization to a disaster or other significant event that may significantly impact the organization, its people, or its ability to function productively.

Increased Cost of Working

The additional expenditure incurred following an incident in order to minimize the loss of gross profit.

Indemnity Period

The period during which insurers will pay for losses following an incident covered as an insured peril.

Information Security

The securing or safeguarding of all sensitive information, electronic or otherwise, which is owned by an organization.

Information Technology Disaster Recovery (ITDR)

An integral part of the organization's BCM plan by which it intends to recover and restore its ICT capabilities after an Incident.


The total environment (real estate, personnel, technological and non-technological ) needed for the operation of an organization.


A contract to finance the cost of risk. Should a named risk event (loss) occur, the insurance contract will pay the holder the contractual amount.

Integrated Capability Analysis (ICA)

An analytical methodology which considers concurrent and contextual review of multiple metrics, to provide a more complete picture regarding a particular plan, artifact, or aspect of the business continuity program.