Minimum Business Continuity Objective (MBCO)

A minimum level of services and/or products that is acceptable to the organization to achieve its business objectives during a disruption.

Minimum Planning Duration (MPD)

A recovery strategy imperative, established by an organization, which mandates how long each contingency plan's recovery strategy is expected to endure, while relying only on resources or dependencies identified in the plan.

Minimum Planning Radius (MPR)

A recovery strategy imperative, established by an organization, which identifies the minimum geographic range of an event that its contingency plans must address.

Mission-Critical Activity

(1) A critical operational and/or business support activity (either provided internally or outsourced) required by the organization to achieve its objective(s) i.e. services and/or products.(2) Activity determined to be essential to an organization's ability to perform necessary business functions.

Mission-Critical Application

Applications that support business activities or processes that could not be interrupted or unavailable for 24 hours or less without significantly jeopardizing the organization.


Refer to Risk Mitigation.

Mobile Recovery

Transportable operating environment complete with office facilities and technology that can be delivered and deployed at a suitable site on short notice.

Mobile Standby Trailer

A transportable operating environment, often a large trailer, that can be configured to specific recovery needs such as office facilities, call centers, data centers, etc.


The activation of the recovery organization in response to a disaster declaration

Mock Disaster

One method of exercising teams in which participants are challenged to determine the actions they would take in the event of a specific disaster scenario.