An overall goal, consistent with the policy that an organization sets for itself.

Off-Site Storage

Any place physically located a significant distance away from the primary site, where duplicated and vital records (hard copy or electronic and/or equipment) may be stored for use during recovery.

Offsite Location

A site at a safe distance from the primary site where critical data (computerised or paper) and/ or equipment is stored from where it can be recovered and used at the time of a disruptive incident if original data, material or equipment is lost or unavailable.

Operational Resilience

The demonstrated and repeated ability of key business units or processes to maintain or return to an acceptable operational status after exposure to disruptive or disastrous events.

Operational Risk

The risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed procedures and controls. This includes loss from events related to technology and infrastructure, failure, business interruptions, staff-related problems, and from external events such as regulatory changes.

Operations Control

Process, practice or other actions that assure management outcomes.

Operations Planning

Scheme specifying the approach, management elements and resources to be applied to the management of the organization.

Orderly Shutdown

The actions required to rapidly and gracefully suspend a business function and/or system during a disruption.


A person or group of people that has its own functions with responsibilities, authorities and relationships to achieve its objectives.

Organizational Culture

The combined assumptions, beliefs, values and patterns of behaviour that are shared by members of an organization. The way in which an organization views itself, its place in its market and the environment in which it operates.