Policy & Program Management

The Professional Practice that defines the organizational policy relating to business continuity and how that policy will be implemented, controlled and validated through a BCM program.

Post Incident Acquisition

A continuity and recovery strategy where resources are provided following an incident at short notice.


Activities implemented prior to an incident that may be used to support and enhance mitigation of, response to, and recovery from disruptions.

Press Conference

The provision of an organization spokesperson(s) at a specific venue and time(s) to brief and answer any questions or enquiries from the media.

Presumptive Positive

If you have a positive test result on an antibody test, it is possible that you have recently or previously had a disease. There is also a chance that the positive result is incorrect, known as a false positive.

Preventative Action

An action taken to eliminate a threat or other undesirable situation.

Preventative Measures

Controls aimed at deterring or mitigating undesirable events from taking place.


Countermeasures against specific threats that enable an organization to avoid a disruption.


The ordering of critical activities and their dependencies are established during the BIA and Strategic-planning phase. The business continuity plans will be implemented in the order necessary at the time of the event.

Prioritized activities

Activities to which priority must be given following an incident in order to mitigate impacts.