Activities implemented prior to an incident that may be used to support and enhance mitigation of, response to, and recovery from disruptions.

Reception Centre

A secure area to which the uninjured can be taken for shelter, first aid, interview and documentation as appropriate to the incident.

Reciprocal Agreement

Agreement between two organizations (or two internal business groups) with similar equipment/environment that allows each one to recover at the other's location.


A statement of results achieved or evidence of activities performed.

Recoverable Loss

Financial losses due to an event that may be reclaimed in the future, e.g. through insurance or litigation.


Implementing the prioritized actions required to return the processes and support functions to operational stability following an interruption or disaster.

Recovery Management Team


Recovery Period

The time period between a disaster and a return to normal functions, during which the disaster recovery plan is employed.

Recovery Point Capability (RPC)

The point in time to which data was restored and/or systems were recovered (at the designated recovery/alternate location) after an outage or during a disaster recovery exercise.

Recovery Point Objective (RPO)

The point in time to which data is restored and/or systems are recovered after an outage. The point to which information used by an activity must be restored to enable the activity to operate on resumption.