The process of planning for and/or implementing the restarting of defined business processes and operations following a disaster.


Potential for exposure to loss which can be determined by using either qualitative or quantitative measures. Combination of the probability of an event and its consequence

Risk Acceptance

A management decision to take no action to mitigate the impact of a particular risk.

Risk Analysis

The quantification of threats to an organization and the probability of them being realized.

Risk Appetite

Total amount of risk that an organization is prepared to accept, tolerate, or be exposed to at any point in time.

Risk Assessment

Overall process of risk identification, risk analysis, and risk evaluation.

Risk Assessment / Analysis

Process of identifying the risks to an organization, assessing the critical functions necessary for an organization to continue business operations, defining the controls in place to reduce organization exposure and evaluating the cost for such controls.

Risk Avoidance

An informed decision to not become involved in or to withdraw from a risk situation.

Risk Categories

Risks of similar types are grouped together under key headings, otherwise known as "risk categories".

Risk Classification

The categorisation of risk, normally focusing on likely impact to the organization or likelihood of occurrence.