Super spreader(s)

A person who transmits an infectious disease or agent to an unexpectedly or unusually large number of other people. A super spreader is a person who triggers human-to-human transmission.

Supply Chain Resilience Analysis

A proactive analysis of vulnerabilities affecting the logistical process of a product or service to establish risk thresholds.


An infected individual displaying symptoms of a specific disease.

Syndicated Subscription Service

Work space shared by a limited number of organizations, configured for general occupation (not for a particular organization).

System Recovery

The procedures for rebuilding a computer system and network to the condition where it is ready to accept data and applications, and facilitate network communications.

System Restore

The procedures necessary to return a system to an operable state using all available data including data captured by alternate means during the outage.

System Risk

Potential difficulties, such as failure of one participant or part of a process, system, industry or market to meet its obligations, that could cause other participants to not meet their obligations; this could cause liquidity and other problems, thereby threatening stability of the whole process, system, industry or market.