Uncontrolled Spread

Large scale community transmission where cases increase at a rate higher than a 25% increase over a 14-day period. Also influenced by test positivity rates, ICU capacity, cases per million per day and ability to contact trace. Spread is no longer controlled by conventional means such as handwashing or social distancing.

Unexpected Loss

The worst-case financial loss or impact that a business could incur due to a particular loss event or risk. The unexpected loss is calculated as the expected loss plus the potential adverse volatility in this value.

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

A backup electrical power supply that provides continuous power to critical equipment in the event that commercial power is lost. A battery powered backup power supply use to provide short-term temporary power in the event of failure of mains supply.

Urgent Activity

A term used to cover activities in support of Product and Services which needs to be done within a short timescale.