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Assurance Software

Assurance Software is the leading global provider of comprehensive business continuity software and services. Leveraging decades of experience helping thousands of organizations, we pair expert guidance with easy-to-use software to simplify preparation and ensure quick restoration of your critical operations. With Assurance as their go-to partner for business continuity, our customers have confidence that their employees are ready to respond to crises and their organizations are future-proofed, resulting in minimized disruption of operations, improved employee safety and protection of their revenues. For more information on solutions from Assurance, visit www.assurancesoftware.com or email inquiries@assurancesoftware.com.

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BC in the Cloud

BC in the Cloud is an integrated platform for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Our automated tools for building and maintaining effective plans streamline and simplify your Continuity, Governance and Risk Management programs. Our platform offers more features and functionality than any other tool in the market. To complement our platform, we have skilled resources that have worked in the real world using automated tools for building and maintaining effective plans. We know what to focus on to improve productivity, meet requirements, increase resiliency and adhere to deadlines.


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BCMMETRICS(TM) is a suite of business continuity software with intuitive, cloud-based solutions that facilitate operations across your Business Continuity program. BCMMETRICS was created to provide a method to easily and effectively identify and assess critical processes, compliance and risk in your BCM program.

The standards-based component, BCMMETRICS Compliance Confidence (C2), provides a comprehensive self-assessment tool to assess BCM program compliance across seven dimensions, a centralized repository to store and organize results, and comprehensive real-time reporting that provides management with findings in easy to understand graphs and summary/detail reports.

BCMMETRICS Residual Risk (R2) is a cloud-based tool designed to provide organizations with a quantitative method to evaluate where they need to target efforts to minimize major risk – or where they may be exceeding the recovery needs of the business unit and wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

A comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is at the foundation of any world-class BCM program. BCMMETRICS BIA On-Demand (BIAOD) is a cloud-based, secure tool that can be used to conduct a BIA at the company, division or department level.

Our cloud-based software means you don’t have to worry about anything technical like server upgrades or security fixes. We take care of all the IT details like updates, backups, upgrades and security so you can concentrate on what matters – running your program and getting on with the job.

BCMMETRICS is regularly reviewed and updated in response to changes in the industry and regulatory landscape. BCMMETRICS is supported by the knowledge and experience of MHA Consulting, Inc. (see our listing under Consultants).

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Fusion Risk Management

Fusion Risk Management is the most innovative and fastest growing provider of business continuity risk management solutions. Fusion provides the Fusion Framework® Continuity Risk Management Software and Fusion Fuel℠ Advisory Consulting Services.

The Fusion Framework® includes integrated BIA & risk assessment, plan development & activation, crisis/incident management, exercises & simulations, integrated risk management, and Mobile and Enterprise Communities to engage all employees for incident response, safety and security.

The Fusion Framework® supports vendor risk, facility risk, cyber risk, and related risk agendas and also integrates with leading ENS providers, ITSM providers, and more. Fusion was awarded BCI’s 2016 & 2017 Global Product/Service Provider of the Year and is a named Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for BCM Software four years in a row.

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KingsBridge BCP

KingsBridge Is Simple and Straightforward (K.I.S.S.) and it has been our sole focus since 1983! Your business should be your primary focus, so let us worry about your Business Continuity Plan. In addition to getting your BCP plan being ready, we’ll make sure the process is Simple and Straightforward.

Let our K.I.S.S. principles guide your BCP building through our SHIELD software or our award winning services.

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Paradigm Solutions International

Paradigm Solutions International (PSI) provides world-class Business Continuity (BC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) software products and services to a wide range of commercial enterprises and mission critical government agencies. The OpsPlanner software is a comprehensive, easy to use, web-based tool with BC/DR Planning,
Business Impact Analysis, Emergency Management and Automated Notification. PSI also offers certified, expert Business Continuity consulting services.

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Populus Fortis Consulting, LLC.

At Populus Fortis, we believe our job is to enhance and strengthen people by providing the tools and peace of mind for our clients to rely on when disaster strikes. Our talented team of consultants comes with the experience and compassion necessary to exceed your expectations. With diverse backgrounds, our people have what it takes to help turn your business into strong people. At Populus Fortis, we believe that service is more than a buzzword. We believe in helping your business become more. More prepared, more reliable, and more capable of enduring the inevitable. We do that by providing personalized business continuity & disaster recovery services from start to finish. So contact us today, and let us begin turning your business into Strong People.

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Premier Continuum

Premier Continuum (PCI) is a leader in Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, and Crisis, Emergency and Risk Management, offering holistic services including consulting and BCI and ICOR certified training, supported by ParaSolution, its world-class and award-winning BCM software. A trusted advisor for over two decades, PCI is highly agile and delivers considerable added value to organizational resilience in a cost-effective way that complies with the highest standards and current best practice.

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A Recognized Thought Leader, & With Good Reason

Founded by experts in Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, Operational Risk and Crisis/Emergency Management in 1999, RecoveryPlanner enjoys a well-earned international reputation as a leading authority on the various areas that make-up Organizational Resiliency Solutions. All size organizations, both public and private, and cross-industries utilize RecoveryPlanner’s RPX software and Professional Services.

At the core of the RecoveryPlanner approach is customer service that is second to none based on direct interaction between our experts and your team. Having pioneered the concept of web-based Business Continuity solutions, we have since gone on to define other emerging trends in the industry, such as comprehensive integration services, a true enterprise-wide planning platform, unparalleled flexibility, and assistance with compliance and governance. While other companies are moving to replicate our innovations, we continue to look ahead, constantly improving our products and services as businesses needs evolve and new technologies emerge.

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SAI Global

Strategic BCP's award-winning Professional Services Division supports over 200 organizations. Seasoned consultants—former BC/DR and Risk Managers, CIOs, IT Executives—use proven methods and best practices to help navigate obstacles within BC to DR and Strategic IT Planning.

Our agile approach to consulting extends beyond typical engagements. We accelerate the delivery of a resilient plan—energizing and empowering the plan owners to continue plan maintenance while remaining engaged in the Business Continuity Lifecycle.

We support BC/DR programs with Business Impact Analysis, Compliance Validation, Continuity Program Governance, Risk Mitigation Strategies, BC Lifecycle Management, and Staff Augmentation.

See also Strategic BCP ResilienceONE® under BC Planning Software.