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Alertus Technologies

Alertus Technologies is a pioneer and market leader in emergency mass notification systems for large-area, high occupancy facilities. Since 2002, Alertus has engineered innovative solutions to provide organizations with a cost-effective, yet highly efficient notification system that leverages existing infrastructure and commonly used technologies to create a wide-reaching solution that instantly delivers a consistent message to everyone in the organization. Today, thousands of institutions and enterprise organizations worldwide trust and rely on Alertus to protect millions of people. To learn more, visit www.alertus.com.

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Assurance Software

Assurance Software is the leading global provider of comprehensive business continuity software and services. Leveraging decades of experience helping thousands of organizations, we pair expert guidance with easy-to-use software to simplify preparation and ensure quick restoration of your critical operations. With Assurance as their go-to partner for business continuity, our customers have confidence that their employees are ready to respond to crises and their organizations are future-proofed, resulting in minimized disruption of operations, improved employee safety and protection of their revenues. For more information on solutions from Assurance, visit www.assurancesoftware.com or email inquiries@assurancesoftware.com.

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Cipher Integrity LLC

Cipher Integrity LLC specializes in custom Technology Risk and Compliance services such as Cyber Incident Response Plans, BCP/DR Plans, Policies & Procedures, GLBA, IT Risk Assessments, Social Engineering, Training & Testing, Vendor Management, Technology Compliance Frameworks, and Pandemic Plans.

Cipher Integrity brings together tailored programs and the most current regulatory guidelines, empowering our clients with resources and the support needed to meet compliance requirements.

Whether you are a financial institution, hospital, university, or a software development firm, Cipher Integrity’s expertise delivers the best return on both your investment and your time.

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DisasterAWARE Enterprise™

DisasterAWARE Enterprise™ (DAE) is the most powerful cloud-based SaaS risk intelligence platform enabling enterprises to plan, monitor and respond to natural hazards globally and access geopolitical hazard information real time. It is easy to import own data to the platform and integrate with organization’s assets such as manufacturing or office sites, data centers, supply chain routes, employee travel information etc. DAE provides Smart Alerts for potential hazard threats, it also offers hundreds of data layers for situational awareness with access to live traffic camera feeds, social heat maps, infrastructure data of air- and seaports. Automatically generated hazard briefs and summaries provide predictive impact analysis together with collaboration tools to share these insights. DAE can be accessed anytime, anywhere via PCs, tablets, and smartphones either online or offline.

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Fusion Risk Management

Fusion Risk Management is the most innovative and fastest growing provider of business continuity risk management solutions. Fusion provides the Fusion Framework® Continuity Risk Management Software and Fusion Fuel℠ Advisory Consulting Services.

The Fusion Framework® includes integrated BIA & risk assessment, plan development & activation, crisis/incident management, exercises & simulations, integrated risk management, and Mobile and Enterprise Communities to engage all employees for incident response, safety and security.

The Fusion Framework® supports vendor risk, facility risk, cyber risk, and related risk agendas and also integrates with leading ENS providers, ITSM providers, and more. Fusion was awarded BCI’s 2016 & 2017 Global Product/Service Provider of the Year and is a named Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for BCM Software four years in a row.

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Populus Fortis Consulting, LLC.

At Populus Fortis, we believe our job is to enhance and strengthen people by providing the tools and peace of mind for our clients to rely on when disaster strikes. Our talented team of consultants comes with the experience and compassion necessary to exceed your expectations. With diverse backgrounds, our people have what it takes to help turn your business into strong people. At Populus Fortis, we believe that service is more than a buzzword. We believe in helping your business become more. More prepared, more reliable, and more capable of enduring the inevitable. We do that by providing personalized business continuity & disaster recovery services from start to finish. So contact us today, and let us begin turning your business into Strong People.

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StratoGrid Advisory

StratoGrid Advisory is a Management Consulting firm located in Ottawa, Canada.

We specialize in the development and implementation of BCM Programs that meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes in nearly every industry. Our BCM Program expertise stretches across the following areas:

- BCM Program development, implementation and maturity assessments
- Business Impact Analysis (BIA) and Risk Assessments
- Crisis, incident and emergency management planning
- Supplier/third party/vendor risk management
- IT Disaster Recovery Planning (IT DRP), assessments and development
- BCM Program training and awareness documentation
- BCM Program components testing and tabletop exercises
- Our proven approach follows ISO 22301, ISO 27031, FEMA (ICS), NIST 800-34 and other industry leading standards and best practices
- Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI) and Business Continuity Institute (BCI) certified professionals