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Glossary of terms used on this site

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UPDATED: March 2019
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Critical Infrastructure

Physical assets (e.g., electrical power, telecommunications, water, gas and transportation) whose disruption or destruction would have a debilitating impact on the economic and/or physical security of an entity (e.g., organization, community, nation).

Critical Service
Mission critical office based computer applications.
Critical Staff

Staff members whose skills, knowledge and/or involvement are necessary to recover a critical business function.

Note:  Roles or individuals may be designated as critical.  Critical Business Function is also a defined term in the glossary.

Critical Success Factors (CSF)
A management technique developed in 1970?s but still popular, in which an organization identifies a limited number of activities it has to get correct to achieve its primary missions.
Critical Supplier
Looking back in the logistical process (upstream) of a product or service, any supplier that could cause a disruption or outage to the organization?s critical functions as documented in the BIA.
Sets the tone for an organization, influencing the consciousness of its people. Cultural factors include the integrity, ethical values and competence of the entity?s people: management?s philosophy and operating style; the way management assigns authority and responsibility, and organises and develops its people; and the attention and direction provided by a Board.
Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
A computer application or integrated set of applications which brings together all aspects of customer communications and management.