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We Were Spared! Hurricane Bob

Hurricane Bob sent us threatening signals, but Mother Nature spared the Virginia and North Carolina coast from major damage.As veterans of “hurricane havoc” as recently as two years ago with the onslaught of Hurricane Hugo, everyone initiated prudent...

Nations Costliest Disaster

By almost any traditional measure, Hurricane Andrew was the worst natural disasters in disaster recovery history. In addition to the staggering human cost, the valuation of destroyed property was the largest in United States history. At the time of this special...

Hurricane Preparation for Businesses

10 STEPS THAT BUSINESSES SHOULD TAKE BEFORE THE WIND BLOWS"I know but…I never thought that my business would be impacted by a hurricane.”Unfortunately, this statement made by a business owner impacted by Hurricane Andrew in 1993, is indicative of the...

MIS Damages From Hurricane Unfolding

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Shattering the lives and homes of residents of the Carolinas, Hurricane Hugo also blasted data centers with floods, wind and the cessation of the blood of computers – electric power. Although some larger enterprises had emergency power...

Buildings Protected By Clear Mylar Film

Important factors to consider when developing a disaster plan for violent weather are high winds and most of all the wind born debris. Most window systems are rated by wind speed alone, but this does not address the affects of wind born debris.Until recently there...

Hurricane Damage in Virgin Islands

Hurricane forecasters had predicted fewer storms during1996, but it was deja vu for businesses and residents on St. Thomas, in the Virgin Islands, as Hurricane Bertha roared through the Caribbean in July. The storm was a reminder of the devastation caused less than a...

Wax Attacks

There are many common predators that can ravage your hard drive and endanger the crucial data it contains: power surges, head crashes, hardware malfunctions, candle wax. Wait a minute. . . candle wax?Yes, candle wax.The destructive powers of candle wax were witnessed...