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When Will Disaster Strike?

With what seems to be an ever increasing number of tragic events taking place each and every day, it is no longer a question of “What if a disaster strikes?,” but rather one of “When?” And it is through the common occurrence of such emergencies...

Proactive Crisis Communications

Most companies, even though they have a comprehensive crisis preparedness plan, do not take a proactive stance. As a result, the first time they implement any part of their plan is during a disaster. But a good crisis communications plan is not a...

Media Relations in a Disaster

What could be worse than experiencing a disaster that destroys your business? The answer is recovering successfully from that disaster only to have your customers and competitors have the perception that you are out of business!This is not as ludicrous as it may...

Communicating in Crisis: Are You Ready?

The crisis you never expected suddenly strikes. Five hungry reporters are outside your door, demanding answers. Another dozen have phoned in the past 15 minutes wanting to know what happened and why? How will your organization react, and who will do what?That, in a...