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Budgeting for Disaster Recovery

One area of great importance to disaster recovery planners that has received very little attention is the question of how much to spend on the disaster recovery planning (DRP) effort. Through application of a “worst case” risk analysis process corporate...

Scenario-Based Risk Analysis

Crucial to the effective management of response to accidental loss is the ability to recognize risk. Colloquially, we use the term risk to refer to the possibility of any loss, regardless of its size. For example, I might casually comment to a friend over dinner that...

Is Your Business Ready For Disaster?

California businesses have numerous disasters every day. With Earthquakes, Flooding, Hazardous Material Accidents, High Winds, Power Outages, and the occasional Structural Collapse due to metal fatigue. Who knows when such an incident will happen in YOUR VICINITY?...

Quantitative Risk Assessment

The enlightened businessman prepares plans to deal with emergencies. He knows that being ready to deal with disasters–both natural and human-made–can make the critical difference to the bottom line should disaster strike. Detailed emergency planning is...

Risk Analysis Techniques

The risk analysis process provides the foundation for the entire recovery planning effortThere may be some terminology and definition differences related to risk analysis, risk assessment and business impact analysis. Although several definitions are possible and can...

How to Conduct a Business Impact Analysis

You have just been selected as a member of a team chartered with conducting an enterprise-wide Business Impact Analysis (or BIA, as it is more commonly called), as the first step in developing a new business contingency plan. What does this assignment mean to your...

What are the Chances?

No one knows when and where the next disaster will strike. Catastrophes are, by their very nature, unpredictable. The best we can do is assign some estimate of long-run relative frequency, or probability, to the occurrence of these untoward events. A knowledge of the...

Auditing Business Recovery Plans

Will your Business Recovery Plan stand up to a thorough, well structured audit? Most corporations have a Corporate Audit Department which is charged with also auditing these plans. But most such audits tend to consist of a request to see the hard copy of the...

Disaster Recovery

This article is intended to depict the various stages of 'Disaster Recovery' activity that I felt necessary for us, at AMD, to follow. I will also cover some of the misconceptions, false senses of security, vulnerabilities, etc., involved with this subject.We...