Four Practical Ways to Improve Your Pandemic Plan

Unlike an earthquake or tornado, pandemics can last for months, even years. While the long-term nature is not preferable, it does give us one major advantage – the ability to adjust our response as we go along, not just clean up and prepare for the next disaster. On June 11, the World Health Organization (WHO)… Continue reading Four Practical Ways to Improve Your Pandemic Plan

Crisis Management and Social Media

In a number of recent issues of the Disaster Recovery Journal, I have commented on the need for companies to strengthen the “crisis management” element of their business continuity plans. (Crisis management is the role of executives in responding during a crisis or disaster.) The diagram below depicts my opinion of what a crisis management… Continue reading Crisis Management and Social Media

You Are Not Alone

The business continuity planning universe, many new planners have been told to explore and conquer, may seem like vast, dark, threatening, and lonely place. Time/resource constraints, a confusing array of acronyms, methodologies, products, services, and vendors, all contribute to the disorientation. If you feel you are adrift in this vast ocean, do not despair you… Continue reading You Are Not Alone