#H7N9 – WHO launches a dedicated website for H7N9. China invites four flu experts to assist. 4 yr old boy with in Beijing asymptomatic H7N9

Bloomberg News reported that the Chinese government has invited four international flu experts to come to China to help authorities respond to the country’s widening bird-flu emergency. The team will arrive on about April 17 to offer technical advice. http://emssolutionsinc.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/h7n9-who-launches-a-dedicated-website-for-h7n9-china-invites-four-flu-experts-to-assist-4-yr-old-boy-with-in-beijing-asymptomatic-h7n9/

Weather preppers

The April 10, 1979, Wichita Falls tornado brings back memories for those who recall its wrath, and in conjunction with the 34th anniversary, Interfaith Ministries hosted a Wicked Weather Weekend, teaching people how to prepare themselves for a disaster and how to deal with the aftermath. The crucial minutes, hours and days following any wicked… Continue reading Weather preppers

… Jamais vu, all over again

In February of 2011 I wrote a post titled “… from ‘Piper Alpha’ to ‘Deepwater Horizon’, do we really learn?“. It was part of an ongoing series relating to Culture and Resilience. This is also a theme in my recent article “A Fork in the Road”. http://www.blog.vrg.net.au/informed/resilience-thinking/jamais-vu-all-over-again/

How Small Businesses Use Big Data

In 2008, software engineer Vidur Dhanda was consulting on a risk management project on Wall Street when he noticed a fundamental problem: Even the country’s biggest lenders, in the midst of the financial crisis, did not have good data on the health of America’s small and midsize businesses. http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-04-03/how-small-businesses-use-big-data

It Just Got Really Interesting…New H7N9 Might Spread Silently Among Poultry Without Notice…In Other Words, Birds Have No Symptoms. Yikes!

The scientists announced on April 3 that the H7N9 virus is troubling because it can generate no symptoms in poultry while seriously sickening humans. Dr. Masato Tashiro, a WHO scientist studying the virus’ genetic data, says the virus also appears to have mutated into a form that enables it to more easily infect animals such… Continue reading It Just Got Really Interesting…New H7N9 Might Spread Silently Among Poultry Without Notice…In Other Words, Birds Have No Symptoms. Yikes!

State flood risk high, coordination low

California may be known for its vulnerability to earthquakes and wildfires, but the state also faces the risk of devastating floods, according to a report being released Wednesday by the state Department of Water Resources and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. http://www.sfgate.com/news/article/State-flood-risk-high-coordination-low-4404904.php#ixzz2PVTN3bTI

Mass Fatality Incident. Planning

One of the areas of disaster planning that seems to get very little attention is the handling of mass fatalities. I was reminded of this by a thoughtful presentation by my colleague James King at yesterday’s Emergency Management Summit in San Francisco sponsored by EM Magazine. http://www.emergencymgmt.com/emergency-blogs/managing-crisis/Mass-Fatality-Incident-Planning-040313.html

The Risks of Social Media: Internal Audit

Internal audit has never been easy, but modern business practices are challenging IA professionals even further. Social media, fraud risk and data analysis tools are areas in need of attention and, in some cases, improvement. http://www.riskmanagementmonitor.com/the-risks-of-social-media-internal-audit/

Is The Zombie Apocalypse Our Disaster Preparedness Meme?

The blog I posted about Sticky Messages generated lots of great comments about disaster messaging and got me to thinking about a different kind of messaging: memes. The term meme was coined by a British biologist, Richard Dawkins, using evolutionary theory to explain how ideas exist, change, live and die. He compared the life of… Continue reading Is The Zombie Apocalypse Our Disaster Preparedness Meme?

Q&A: Communication, monitoring keys to corporate risk management

Corporate risk comes in many forms: regulatory compliance rules, hackers, rogue employees. These risks can potentially penetrate every level of an organization, making communication of the threats — and the strategy to offset them — vital to business success. http://searchcompliance.techtarget.com/news/2240180490/QA-Communication-monitoring-keys-to-corporate-risk-management