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Small Business Case

Can small businesses recover from significant disasters? The answer depends on a number of variables such as the size of the business, its location, its financial strength, and the direct and indirect effects of the event. Did you know there were approximately 22.9...

Say What?

I was coming home from the gym when I heard a news report on the radio. It was a typical report about tornados that had touched down earlier that day. The reporter was giving the lead in to the story before the broadcast of a statement from a weather “expert.” I was...

Point of No Return

At the DRJ Fall World 2005 conference a group met to review the Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) document relating to “Developing Business Continuity Strategies.” This was shortly after Hurricane Katrina, one of the deadliest and costliest hurricanes in history....

Planning for the Bird Flu

Current information suggests the Avian flu H5N1 could in all likelihood mutate into a communicable virus among humans. Rather than the limited geographical targets of a natural disaster or terrorism, where the majority of the damage would be to infrastructure and...

Lessons from Katrina

As gulf coast businesses evaluate the effectiveness of their disaster recovery plans after Hurricane Katrina, a major area of focus will no doubt be data protection. As most know, a solid and secure data back-up procedure is a necessary part of any disaster recovery...

Is it Hype or Real?

If you work in business continuity long enough, you will see new threats appear and become the focus of this year’s conferences, sales pitches, and marketing. Some of this is justified and a correct reaction to a new threat. Others are hype and in an industry led by...

Avian Flu: Special Report

Concerns over a possible pandemic continue to capture the attention of almost every segment of society. In recent months, experts have warned that the world is overdue for a pandemic occurrence. The last severe one struck the United States in 1918, with milder...