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Bailing Out the IRS

When it rains, it pours. At least that was the case in June 2006, when torrential rains flooded the Washington headquarters of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with an estimated 5.5 million gallons of water – a deluge that was an unwelcome companion to the...
Planning For The Pandemic

Planning For The Pandemic

I once was convinced The Pandemic, if it arrived at all, would be nothing more than a near-normal “empty facility” event. In many respects, The Pandemic, if H5N1 Avian Influenza does morph into a human-to-human transmittable disease, is your basic,...

Where’s the Beef?

For years, many of us in the BCP industry have used the same statistics to encourage (or scare) businesses, organizations, managers, and leaders that business continuity planning must be addressed. Where’s the beef? The question was posed in a 1984’s Wendy’s ad where...

Is Tape Dead?

Just recently, tape backup has received a lot of press in the technology community; much of it has not been so flattering. There have been stories of glitches, tapes, and data vanishing at some of the largest financial institutions, customer data that has been...

College In-Security

Are we ever really safe from each other, from an insider, from one of our own? Colleges exist to educate people, and they must be open to their own students. Protecting all members of the college community from one of their own who “snaps” and decides to...