Core Principles of BC/DR

When effective managers are building any kind of program or looking to enhance a current program, one of the questions they ask is, “What do successful programs have in common?” Establishing a business continuity or IT disaster recovery capability is no different. There are common elements that successful programs share. I will briefly describe just… Continue reading Core Principles of BC/DR

Business Continuity and Training For All Levels of an Organization

As business continuity planners, we know the importance of protecting our organization. But will everyone in the firm agree with that assessment? Will they back a business continuity plan? It is hard to achieve proper levels of protection without having full commitment from all involved. In this article, a simple procedure for gaining commitment and… Continue reading Business Continuity and Training For All Levels of an Organization

How Effective Is Your Response Plan?

Beginning with Sept. 11, 2001, the premise that a disaster is “a low probability, high consequence event” has become redefined in reality as “a high probability, very high consequence event.” Since 9-11, we have suffered a major electric northeast grid failure in August 2003; four catastrophic hurricanes during the 2004 hurricane season; a tsunami in… Continue reading How Effective Is Your Response Plan?

Establishing a Corporate Business Continuity Program

Developing a corporate business continuity program is a function of wide-ranging and critical operational concerns, including the need to drive higher revenues and profits, control costs, respond to increasing regulatory issues, and plan for unpredictable business disruptions or catastrophic disasters. Many forward-looking companies are finding that meeting these concerns requires 24×7 information availability – the… Continue reading Establishing a Corporate Business Continuity Program

GAP to the Rescue

Everyone in the business world seems to be having to do more with fewer human resources on a smaller budget. We no longer have the luxury of hiring additional staff or consultants to implement or improve upon our business continuity/disaster recovery programs. The Generally Accepted Business Continuity Practices (GAP) document could be the extra hand… Continue reading GAP to the Rescue

Business Continuity Management

There are many risks that threaten organizations by disrupting computer systems and business processes. These risks include traditional emergencies like fires, floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes as well as risks from cyber-terrorism, cyber-crime, computer and telecommunications failures, theft, and employee sabotage. Any one of these risks can be very disruptive to a business. There are also… Continue reading Business Continuity Management

Is Your Recovery in Your Hands?

One of the 10 Professional Practices for Business Continuity Professionals that organizations often overlook is “coordination with external agencies,” most notably government officials. Often as business continuity planners, we think we have our plans and we are too busy to build those outside relationships. However, without this coordination, your recovery could be in jeopardy. Attendance… Continue reading Is Your Recovery in Your Hands?

The Board of Directors Should Be Involved in a BCP. . .

When’s the last time you heard someone talking about the Board of Directors and a Business Continuity Program? If you haven’t, you will. The purpose of this article is to answer three questions: -What connection could the Board of Directors have with a Business Continuity Program?-Why would the Board of Directors be interested in supporting… Continue reading The Board of Directors Should Be Involved in a BCP. . .

The Triad Alliance “Preparing the Vulnerable Population”

The terms ‘vulnerable’, ‘at-risk’, or ‘under-served’ populations are associated with specific groups or segments of a community whose needs are often not met using the traditional services provided by political sub-divisions, especially during periods of local emergencies or disasters. This population may represent those people that are physically or mentally disabled, non-speaking English, culturally inaccessible,… Continue reading The Triad Alliance “Preparing the Vulnerable Population”