VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

What is Disaster Recovery? vCloud Hybrid Service—Disaster Recovery is a new RaaS offering owned and operated by VMware, built on vSphere Replication and vCloud Hybrid Service—a hybrid cloud platform for infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). Together, these components form a straightforward service-oriented approach to extending disaster recovery capabilities and protection coverage to any business or mission-critical application running… Continue reading VMware vCloud Hybrid Service

Forrester Surveys

DRJ has teamed with Forrester Research to produce a number of market studies in business continuity and disaster recovery. Each survey contains data for company comparison and benchmarking. The aim is to promote research and publication of best practices and recommendations for the industry. The annual surveys can be accessed via this page. The data… Continue reading Forrester Surveys

White Papers

DRJ’s White Paper section is the one place to explore in-depth thoughts on today’s most relevant issues. Discover insight into a variety of topics including cloud computing, industry standards, personnel management, risk analysis and much more. The subjects are constantly evolving, providing you a non-stop feed of up-to-date industry information. White Papers are sponsored by… Continue reading White Papers


We are very happy to announce that the Disaster Recovery Journal is now available in a mobile version. Our mobile version is just like the hard-copy print edition that you read and enjoy. Available for Android and Apple devices, Disaster Recovery Journal mobile gives you: Relevant articles written by some of the industry’s best Articles… Continue reading DRJ App