Breakout Session Track Three

Strategic Session 3 Operational Resiliency: Governance in the New BCDR World Novice/Intermediate/Advanced David Halford, Forsythe Solutions Group Things change: what once was is no longer, and BC/DR is no exception. As operational resiliency becomes a key business continuity program component, confusion exists around how to monitor, report, and validate in the new BC/DR world. Incorporating… Continue reading Breakout Session Track Three

Breakout Session Track Two

Strategic Session 2 DRJ and Forrester BC/DR Market Study: The State of DR Preparedness Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Rachel Dines, Forrester Learn the current state of enterprise disaster recovery preparedness and technology adoption and how much progress we’ve made over the past few years. The results from the Disaster Recovery Journal and Forrester’s Annual BC/DR Market Study will… Continue reading Breakout Session Track Two

Breakout Session Track One

Strategic Session 1 Seamless Integration of Crisis Management and Recovery Teams Intermediate/Advanced Ray Mach, IMG Within large companies there may be many recovery plans and one or more crisis management teams. During events with a broad impact, it is critical to effectively manage the coordination and communication across many departments, divisions and locations. Learn how… Continue reading Breakout Session Track One

General Sessions

General Session 1 It’s SHOWTIME … and Life Isn’t a Dress Rehearsal Monday: 8:15 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. Jon Petz Are you ready for the spotlight? You better be because it’s SHOWTIME—and no one remembers boring! Stop meeting expectations! Learn to create impact in your life, at work and in the lives of others—instead of… Continue reading General Sessions

Sunday Workshop Sessions

Sunday Workshop Session 1 Birds of a Feather BC Management Roundtable Discussions Novice/Intermediate/Advanced Robbie Atabaigi, KPMG Facilitated discussions on business continuity trends and key topics of interest coordinated within industry roundtables. Participate in dynamic dialogue with fellow conference participants having similar backgrounds and expertise. Experienced BC professionals will lead these structured, yet flexible BC roundtable… Continue reading Sunday Workshop Sessions

Senior Advanced Tracks

Senior Advanced Track 1 Technology’s Impact on Disaster Recovery Monday, March 31, 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. Jamie Galioto, ING Peter Laz, Forsythe Technologies and security threats are constantly evolving and our world has shifted toward expectations of 24×7 availability. Companies must adapt to new technologies and new ways of thinking. This session will explore… Continue reading Senior Advanced Tracks

BCI North America Awards

BCI North America Awards The BCI North America Awards recognise the outstanding contribution of business continuity professionals and organizations living in or operating in the North America Region, including USA and Canada. The 2014 BCI North America Awards took place on Sunday March 30th as part of the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Spring World 2014… Continue reading BCI North America Awards