What’s in a Date? A Ground Zero Scenario

Now that we are approaching the home stretch, it’s time to focus on a few details and speculate. So, with the turn of a few pages on those new 1999 calendars, we note with some relief that Dec. 31, 1999 is a Friday. Ha! We have the weekend, plus the New Year’s holiday Monday. No… Continue reading What’s in a Date? A Ground Zero Scenario

The Human Effect of the Year 2000 Crisis

Industry leaders tend to talk about the Year 2000 crisis as a technical problem that affects businesses throughout the world, with very little attention paid to the human element. But while the problem starts out in the computerized, date-sensitive information systems of companies around the world, the effects will ripple through every community a business… Continue reading The Human Effect of the Year 2000 Crisis

Information Component Management

Introduction There is no doubt the dynamics of the information marketplace are robust. Everyday, businesses not only generate a plethora of information, but also continuously receive it. Be it through scanned documents, desktop word-processing, e-mail, voice files, video files, incoming mail, etc., a given company’s information infrastructure is steadily bearing a heavier load. The agents… Continue reading Information Component Management

Exercise: Who Needs It?

Is having a plan enough? NO! In late 1997, as Corporate Contingency Professionals (CCP) we were charged with exercising recovery plans of diverse business units covering multiple states for a regional corporation. Our experience to date underscored an important fact. Although everyone talks about the need for recovery plan exercise, little is available on how… Continue reading Exercise: Who Needs It?

Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of An Effective Recovery Strategy Except Reality

Think back—for some of us, way back—to your days in school when some teacher suddenly announced that there was to be a major exam. If you were like me, the terror of these words was only matched by the experience of finding a prominent blemish the morning of the big dance. The single redeeming element… Continue reading Don’t Let Anything Get in the Way of An Effective Recovery Strategy Except Reality

Hurricane Testimonials: Degussa Corporation

  Since my relocation from the Degussa Corporate office located in New Jersey to one of Degussa’s largest production facilities on the Gulf coast of Alabama (1992), I have experienced four hurricanes. Just in case you didn’t know, Degussa is a major chemical supplier. Coming from New Jersey to the Gulf coast of Alabama has… Continue reading Hurricane Testimonials: Degussa Corporation

Hurricane Testimonials: Ingalls Credit Union

The approaching new millenium has industries worldwide focused on preparation for every possible adverse scenario. While such attention is necessary, one credit union has found making ready for events that recur more frequently than every thousand years deserve the same vigilance. Ingalls Employees Credit Union, based in Pascagoula, Mississippi, had an opportunity to put their… Continue reading Hurricane Testimonials: Ingalls Credit Union

Hurricane Testimonials: American Innotek

After Hurricane Georges plowed through areas of the Southeastern United States, utility workers and emergency management personnel were called out in force. The hurricane followed a disastrous path for 12 days in September through the Dominican Republic and Haiti, before hitting parts of Southern Florida, then parts of Louisiana and Mississippi. Damage left in its… Continue reading Hurricane Testimonials: American Innotek