DRII Strengthens Program in Asia

Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRI International) has the brightest outlook for Asia and the Pacific Rim in 2008.  With the introduction of four new regional partners, DRI International is well positioned to expand in this vital area of the world.  It is DRI International’s mission to further the practice of   business continuity management (BCM), by… Continue reading DRII Strengthens Program in Asia

PPBI Salutes Brent Woodworth

Brent Woodworth recently returned from Bangladesh, where he led the IBM Crisis Response Team to assist with recovery operations following the devastating cyclone Sidr. For Woodworth, responding through private/public partnerships is a way of life. PPBI honored Woodworth with the PPBI Best Practices Award for his team’s work following the Indian Ocean Tsunami. His dedication… Continue reading PPBI Salutes Brent Woodworth

International Contacts

England: Thom Hetherington Business Continuity Phone: 0161-237-1007 thomh@tempus.demon.co.uk Japan: Shinji Hosotsubo Crisis Management and Preparedness Organization Phone: 03-3519-6270 hosotsubo@cmpo.org Republic of Korea (South): Han, Chae Ok Disaster Focus (sponsored by Korea BCP Association) www.disasterfocus.com Point of Contact : Han, Chae Ok +82-2-735-0963 (admin@disasterfocus.com ) “Appeared in DRJ’s Winter 2008 Issue”

Executive Council

Pat Corcoran, IBM Michael Croy, Forsythe Jeff Dato, MBCP, Pinnacle Airlines Edward S. Devlin, CBCP, E.S. Devlin & Assoc. James Hammill, CBCP, JMH Consulting Inc. John Jackson, Fusion Risk Management Ann Pickren Jerry Montella, Mail-Gard Randy Till, CBCP, MasterCard International Brian Turley, SunGard Belinda Wilson, CBCP, Hewlett-Packard William Worsley,CBCP, Dow Chemical Company “Appeared in DRJ’s… Continue reading Executive Council

Remembering a Hero, Finding New Ones

Good news. Reinforcements are coming. People interested in business continuity planning are studying to become more knowledgeable of this industry. In the near future, they will be supporting the efforts of our current BCP professionals, either as emergency response or business resumption professionals. Why do I say this? I recently enjoyed a discussion with a… Continue reading Remembering a Hero, Finding New Ones

Awareness Helped New Orleans Company Operate During, After Katrina

Woody Allen said that 80 percent of life is just showing up. Columbus Data Services (CDS) could draw a parallel from Allen’s remark to disaster recovery: 80 percent of disaster recovery is just knowing where you are. Because CDS manages ATM networks for banks all over the country, it had planned for a catastrophic storm… Continue reading Awareness Helped New Orleans Company Operate During, After Katrina

Maximizing IT Uptime When Disaster Strikes

When we think of disaster, we tend to think of fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, and now terrorism. But an event does not need to be large-scale or catastrophic to qualify as a disaster. Human error, malicious behavior, and even the complexity of the systems themselves can bring about high-impact outages that affect your service levels… Continue reading Maximizing IT Uptime When Disaster Strikes