BONUS EPISODE: Sound Practices for Leadership

Episode 78: Margaret Millett of Uber Technologies, Inc.

Recruiting Talent in Emergency Management

Episode 76:  Justin Pierce of Los Angeles World Airports

The 7 Deadly Sins of Exercises

Episode 75: Rick Christ of Crisis Prevention and Response, Inc.

After-Action Reports and the  Blameless Postmortem Concept

Episode 74: Justin Kates, Nashua (NH) Emergency Management Agency.

Crisis Management with an Equity Lens

Episode 73: Vanessa Mathews of Asfalis Advisors

Reset and Recover: Navigating the Road to Resilience

Episode 72: with Bradley Ford, city manager of Waco, Texas; Janet LaBar, president and CEO of the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance; and Lily Mei, mayor of Fremont, California. Featuring co-host Jeni Bukolt of Haven Creative.

2021 Business Continuity Employment Market

Episode 70: Cheyene Marling of BC Management Powered by Castellan Solutions

The Myth of Best Practices

Episode 69: Cliff Thomas, Ph.D., MBCP, MBCI

Recovery In The Caribbean

Episode 68: Malcolm Reid of Brison LLC