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Glossary of terms used on this site

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UPDATED: March 2019
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Exercise Observer
An exercise observer has no active role within the exercise but is present for awareness and training purposes.
Exercise Owner
An appointed role that has total management oversight and control of the exercise and has the authority to alter the exercise plan.
Exercise Plan
A plan designed to periodically evaluate tasks, teams, and procedures that are documented in business continuity plans to ensure the plan?s viability.
Exercise Program(me)
Series of exercise events designed to meet an overall objective or goal.
Exercise Script
A set of detailed instructions identifying information necessary to implement a predefined business continuity event scenario for evaluation purposes.
Expense Log
Record of expenditure enabling loss assessment and adjustment following an incident or crisis.
The potential susceptibility to loss; the vulnerability to a particular risk.
Extra Expense
The extra cost necessary to implement a recovery strategy and/or mitigate a loss.