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Arnold Bob opt126289Did you hear that? That was time zipping by. Yes, it’s a very busy time of the year spent balancing work, family, friends, and getting ready for the holidays. So often at this time of the year we revert to tradition. We do what has always worked and most are reluctant to make a change.

Well, I’m here to tell you that I and the entire DRJ team have decided to embrace change. These are good changes; changes you’ve been asking for; changes that allow us to keep moving forward with new technologies and communication methods.

After many years of printing four issues of this magazine annually, we’ve decided to change our publishing schedule. Starting in 2017 we’ll have two print/digital issues and two digital-only issues. The two print/digital issues will be published and distributed right before DRJ Spring World and DRJ Fall World. The two digital-only issues will be available in the summer and winter.

So why do this? Why change something that has been working so successfully for so long? Well, for this very reason, we’ve been doing it the same way for a long time. Just as we are always encouraging you to analyze how your business continuity plans are working and urging you to make changes to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, technologies and ideas – we want to do the same. To put it another way, we’re following our own advice.

We know most of us don’t have time to sit down and read much these days. You and I have limited time to sit down with a printed magazine and read it from cover-to-cover. With our new publishing schedule, we’re giving you greater flexibility and making it easier for you to read Disaster Recovery Journal

The two print/digital issues will be available in the spring and fall, giving you a chance to spend extra time with these editions when you’re at our conferences or to just take more time to read these issues.

To make it easier for you to enjoy the digital-only editions and the print/digital editions, we’ve created an app. Yes, we have an app that is designed to enhance your Disaster Recovery Journal digital experience. Download the app and get started with this issue (and remember to visit our back issues). And if you prefer, you can read this magazine on your Kindle, visit Amazon to get all the issues you want.

Yes, this is a big change. But one we’re excited about. I want you to know that the content of our magazine will not be impacted. [This bonus issue is smaller but we’ll go back to the regular size next issue.] We will continue to deliver leading content, analysis, columns, and insight.

This change is similar to the changes you’re likely experiencing at your business. Communication has changed, the idea of the office has changed, and the way we learn has changed. You’ve learned to be flexible and adjust your business practices to take advantage of the best of these advancements. This is exactly what we’re doing with this magazine.

To be actively involved with the future of business continuity we need to change. This is what we’re doing and this is what we encourage you to do. Push your boundaries. Learn new skills. Meet new people. Discover a new way of accessing the resources you depend on for your business continuity expertise.

And yes, I want to hear from you. Tell me what you like and don’t like about this decision. Use our Disaster Recovery Journal app and tell us what you think. We want to make sure we’re giving you exactly what you need and want. When you see me or anyone on the DRJ team at DRJ Spring World 2017, don’t be shy to talk with us about the magazine, the publishing schedule, the conference, the website, or anything else that’s on your mind. We all get better and move forward when we learn and listen from one another.