Our Commitment to Clean

Less Contact, More Connection

Hotels will implement touchless or low-touch solutions and adopt contactless technologies including: Mobile Key, Mobile Dining, Mobile Chat and guest requests via the Marriott Bonvoy™ app. Guest greetings will be modified to a nod, wave, or a bow, while continuing to ensure guest needs are met.

Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All associates that wear a Marriott badge will wear a face covering as a part of their uniforms. Guests should wear personal face masks or coverings and should abide by local regulations. Personal face masks and additional amenity items such as hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and gloves, may be offered where available.

Physical Distancing

Guests and associates should practice physical distancing by standing at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from other people not traveling with them. Certain areas, such as arrival queues or gathering areas will be marked with signage and, if necessary, one-way guest traffic flow will be indicated. Where applicable, lobby furniture, restaurant layouts, and other public seating areas will be reconfigured. We are happy to work to customize seating capacities and room sets to meet individual distancing needs of group customers.

Installing Physical Barriers

Transparent screens, plexiglass shields or other physical barriers may be installed in areas such as desks, booths, fitness centers or food stations.

Other Resources

Please check these resources for the most current updates to Marriott’s commitment to bring us together safely:

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Marriott’s Commitment to Clean

City of Phoenix COVID-19 Protocols

Emphasis on Hygiene & Cleanliness

Each hotel will be required to have a hygiene plan; associates will be required to be aware of and follow for personal hygiene, social distancing and PPE, in compliance with all federal, state and local public health guidance. Hand sanitizing stations for guest use will be placed in all high-traffic areas and public spaces.

Deeper, More Frequent Cleaning

Enhanced cleaning protocols will require frequently disinfecting high-touch items and sanitizing restrooms frequently and after high-guest use, with focus on using the right chemicals and procedures to kill COVID-19.

Supplementing our Food Safety Protocols with ServSafe Guidelines

When serving food and beverages, hotels will continue to follow guidelines from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), as well as the National Restaurant Association’s longstanding ServSafe program, and other international government agencies, as applicable. Marriott’s food and beverage operations are required to conduct self-inspection using the company’s food safety standards.

Eliminate or Modifying Shared Use / Reuse Items

In restaurants and bars, items such as condiments, silverware, glassware, napkins, etc. should not be pre-set on tables, to allow for effective disinfection in between each guest. Sealed, packaged, or single-use silverware, disposable or digital menus may be offered as alternatives. Self-service items that can’t be disinfected after guest use, such as ice scoops, candy/fruit bowls, must be removed and replaced with alternative options, such as pre-packaged or associate-attended. Payment methods may be modified to reduce handling of guest personal property, including use of trays to pass items, QR codes, or offering self-service pay-at-table options where possible.