Virtual Speaker Spotlights – A thru L

Dr. Michael H. Corcoran

Dr. Michael H. Corcoran has half a century of experience to offer attendees of DRJ Fall 2021.

He has been president of The Workthreat Group for the past 33 years and has worked in the overall business continuity/disaster recovery profession for 53 years.

The Workthreat Group, or TWG, helps businesses, government organizations, health facilities, universities, schools and many other groups to identify, handle and prevent all methods of incivility and potential volatility in the workplace.

At TWG, there are three full-time and six independent contractors.

Corcoran will present “Virtual Offices – Attractive Liability for Workplace Violence?” at DRJ Fall 2021.

He said the recent pandemic has produced more virtual offices, and workplace violence is not limited to the main office.

“OSHA originally did not bother with issues in the home, but recent case decisions – shared in my presentation – have caused OSHA to take a more active role in rules for home offices,” he said.

But when an event occurs, who is liable? Is it the employer, supervisor or owner of the residence? Participants at this presentation will learn this important answer – and more. They’ll also take away information such as how to mitigate potential liability for workplace violence occurring in a home office; develop a risk tolerance in this circumstance for the employer; learn a fundamental rule to help relieve dangerousness; and potential concerns for COVID-19 protocols at home.

Corcoran said he is most looking forward to sharing the latest actual experience to prepare attendees for better client preparations at DRJ Fall 2021.

Corcoran’s work experience first began with his career in law enforcement for more than 34 years beginning in 1968. He worked in the threat assessment field starting in 1970 when he entered the U.S. Secret Service.

In 1979, Corcoran completed his doctoral degree in behavioral science and utilized his law enforcement experience. He specializes in identifying and handling potentially violent subjects in the workplace.

Corcoran has extensive leadership experience, including numerous protecting assignments coordinating federal and local LE personnel as well as assessing and directing the managing of protection for their offices, residences and travel processes during their business and personal movements. He was a founding member of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals in 1990 and served on the local and national board of directors for ATAP for more than a decade.

In addition, Corcoran co-founded and was president of nationally accredited Henley-Putnam University offering higher degree programs in management and protection, terrorism and counterterrorism studies, and intelligence management.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in law enforcement and business administration, master’s in counseling psychology, and Ph.D. in behavioral science. He also has post-doctoral certification in stress management with California private investigator licensure.

Corcoran is a member of several professional organizations: American Society of Industrial Security, California Association of Hostage Negotiators, American Association of Suicidology, California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, Society of Human Resource Managers, International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology, and the Protective Security Council.

He also volunteers for the American Red Cross.

Although his primary residence is in Southern California, Corcoran’s business takes him throughout the U.S., Canada, and some European, Asian and Middle Eastern cities for assessments and training. This allows him to combine business with pleasure.

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Sherri Flynn

October is Cyber Security Month, so DRJ Fall 2021 is the perfect time for an expert panel session on cyber resilience.

This session has been assembled by DRJ and includes global experts who will discuss these important cyber security topics in a practical and information-loaded panel.  

This presentation is titled “Cyber PERX – The Panel Session!” and takes place at DRJ Fall 2021’s virtual conference.

Attendees will gain plenty of information from this presentation. In addition, time will be built in to include attendees’ questions, issues, and concerns. 

Sherri Flynn, MBCP, CISM, CCRP, and lead implementer for the business continuity management global standard ISO 22301, will be part of this panel session.

Flynn, who was Consultant of the Year for 2020, is a business continuity planner with Agility Recovery who offers mobile and SaaS services. 

Flynn provides consulting services on all aspects of business continuity management, cyber response planning, and vendor management. 

She has worked for more than 20 years in the business continuity/disaster recovery profession.

In addition to Flynn, other panel session presenters at this virtual event include Dr. Steven B. Goldman, Rich Cocchiara and Selma Coutinho.

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Andrew Gilman

Most attendees at DRJ conferences are involved in planning and recovery for disaster recovery. Attendees can either be the “first one on the scene” or selected by rank or responsibility to respond to media coverage during a rapid response situation. Attendees can also be preparing a media spokesperson who does not have subject matter expertise. 

“Media response is both a strategic and a tactical process, different than proactive media communications,” said Andrew Gilman. 

During this session titled “How to Prepare a Spokesperson for Media Interviews After a Disaster,” Gilman will cover how to gather information, prepare opening statements, and strategies for responding to questions. 

Attendees will gain valuable information from this DRJ Fall 2021 presentation, including how to learn best practices for media incident response; review key interviews which demonstrate poor and best practices; take-away handouts to share with colleagues; better ability to advice others on the response team; know the types of interviews that can be conducted during the crisis; and how to learn about the social media role for monitoring and response.

Gilman is looking forward to mixing CommCore teaching with attendees’ real-life experiences.

He is president and CEO of CommCore Consulting Group and has worked in the industry for 36 years. 

CommCore is a communications consulting firm which provides customized communication skills training and coaching services to an array of clients across industries. CommCore professional services include media and presentation skills training; crisis communications and counsel; speaker and leadership training; message development; and podcast interview training.

The firm has nine full-time employees.

Gilman has held the position of CEO of CommCore for 36 years. In the crisis field, he prepared the CEO of Johnson & Johnson for “60 Minutes” interviews during the Tylenol crisis. He and his firm have also worked with clients for crisis preparation, incident response, and reputation recovery.

He was formerly the chairman of Food Allergy Research & Education. He earned a master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s JD Fordham Law School.

An interesting fact about Gilman is he attended Woodstock. 

Regarding the event, he said, “Talk about lack of disaster preparedness.”

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Lisa Jones

Lisa Jones is an experienced business continuity professional. She has 13 years of experience promoting resiliency and elevating contingency planning visibility. She has led comprehensive programs in healthcare and education. 

Recently, Jones led collaborative efforts in building dynamic relationships between operations and technology for a global Life Sciences distribution and manufacturing organization. 

Jones will present “Who Needs Business Continuity? Do Up Your Seat Belt!” at DRJ Fall 2021’s virtual conference.

During this interactive presentation, Jones will be part of a panel discussion of several topics.

“We will take you on a fast journey across a number of topics by using humorous video clips and adding serious commentary,” said Jones. “The panel will provide fresh insights for all experience levels, demonstrating an interactive approach to awareness raising.”

Jones will present with Vito Mangialardi, Public Transit Canada; Sarah Vakil, Professional Services; and Des O’Callaghan, BCM consultant. 

Attendees will take away best practices and tips to raise awareness on climate change and impacts of severe weather event; continuity planning for the new reality, cyber threats, and risks; exercising, or testing, response plans and preparedness; lessons learned from COVID-19; professional certification including BCM; successful planning; and the possible cause of the next business continuity shock.

Jones said she especially enjoys attending DRJ conferences because she gains new insights to incorporate into her program and feels energized about the industry and the value she and professionals provide to the organization.

With more than 13 years of experience promoting resiliency and elevating contingency planning visibility, Jones has led comprehensive programs in healthcare and education. Recently, she led collaborative efforts in building dynamic relationships between operations and technology for a global life sciences distribution and manufacturing organization. 

As secretary for BCI’s U.S. chapter, Jones is leading diversity and inclusion initiatives with a mission to foster a culture of inclusion, community, and collaboration. 

“I have a passion to share insights on planning awareness, recovery strategies, and industry trends through presentations, articles, and thought leadership projects,” she said. “I want to ensure that organizations recognize the value business continuity professions provide.”

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Ron Kamps

Ron Kamps described himself as a “regular Joe who has been doing BC for years.”

He’s not a vendor and won’t be pushing an agenda or products. But he will provide applicable tips and useful program materials to create a successful cyber plan.

His presentation, titled “How to Create a Cyber Response Plan When You Are a CBCP and NOT a CISSP,” will include information about his company’s journey to create a structured cyber response plan from various existing processes and activities. The presentation is from the perspective of someone with business resilience experience who is not a cyber-expert.

This session will include lessons, tips, and approaches on how his company went from having no official cyber response plan to having a documented plan, pocket guides, cyber vendor relationships, quarterly exercises, and integration with the business resilience program.

Kamps said he’s most excited about being able to engage with a face-to-face audience at DRJ Fall 2021.

He’s also looking forward to sharing his industry experience of 20 years with conference attendees. He’s worked for the past five years as business resilience manager at Mutual of Enumclaw, a mid-sized company that manages the business resilience program which includes cyber, crisis management, business continuity, emergency response, and workplace violence.

Kamps has worked full-time in the business continuity profession for two decades in the areas of telecom, airlines, banking, and insurance.

Through his leadership, Kamps has developed, redesigned, implemented, managed, and matured business continuity programs at six companies including three Fortune 500. Due to mergers and acquisitions, he has held the unique opportunity to work within telecommunications, airlines, banking, and insurance industries.

Kamps has numerous certifications including CPCP, DRI, and PIEP, the local Puget Sound BC. In addition, he was selected by Peace Winds America for the U.S.-Vietnam Disaster Preparedness Initiative where he worked in Haiphong, Seattle’s sister city, on business resilience training. The “sister city” designation is meant to encourage cultural exchange and deepen ties to Vietnam.

During his career, he also studied Chinese and worked in China for several years.

When Kamps is not working, he enjoys sailing.

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Melanie Lucht

As risk management professionals reflect on resiliency achievements and challenges during the COVID-19 global pandemic, now is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and incorporate valuable lessons learned into companies’ business continuity programs. 

According to Melanie J. Lucht, the first step should be the Business Impact Analysis. 

During her presentation titled “Build Back Better by Getting Back to Basics with Your Business Impact Analysis,” Lucht will share strategies with attendees of DRJ Fall 2021. She’ll also connect with colleagues and learn best practices while at the conference.

“Whether you’re ready to take a fresh look at your existing programs, a BC veteran started a new opportunity, or new to business continuity planning itself, this session is designed to offer techniques to better build back by getting back to basics with your Business Impact Analysis,” she said. 

When Lucht first joined Carnegie Mellon University in 2013, she served as senior manager of disaster recovery and business continuity services. Since that time, she has held positions as interim director of environmental health and safety, and assistant vice president for enterprise risk management.

She has been the associate vice president and chief risk officer for CMU for the past three years and has been at CMU for more than eight years.

Prior to her experience at CMU, Lucht had business continuity experience in banking and medical device manufacturing. She also worked for several years in the insurance industry as an underwriter. Overall, she has worked for more than 20 years in the business continuity/disaster recovery profession.

Lucht earned numerous certifications and degrees including Master Business Continuity Professional, Master Business Continuity Institute, Certified Insurance Counselor, Certified Continuity Manager, Associate in Personal Insurance, and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and master’s degree in administration of justice.

In addition, she is a member of DRJ, BCI, University Risk Management and Insurance Association, and Three Rivers Contingency Planners Association. 

Lucht is originally from Bradford, Penn., where she grew up in a law enforcement family. For the past 14 years, she has lived just outside of Pittsburgh, Penn., with her husband of 22 years and son, who will soon begin his second year of college. 

In 2017, Lucht was the first woman to attend the Chief Risk Officer Certificate Program at Carnegie Mellon’s Heinz College and was on the project team which won top honors.

“We enjoy home improvement projects, visiting antique shops, and playing trivia,” she said.

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Dr. David Lindstedt

Dr. David Lindstedt is an author, speaker, and thought-leader in business continuity. He’s also the founder of Adaptive BC Solutions and developer of The Readiness Test, the Adaptive BC Toolkit and other SaaS solutions. 

Lindstedt, PMP, CBCP, has worked in the industry for 16 years. He founded Adaptive BC Solutions seven years ago. He also helped to establish the international Adaptive Advisory Group and He is a consultant in software and training in business continuity and organizational resilience.

He will present “The Terrible Tensions of Organizational Resilience” at DRJ Fall 2021’s virtual event.

According to Lindstedt, which organization would not want to be more resilient, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic?

“But real resilience often challenges the very core of most institutions,” he said.

He will discuss how organizations can be prepared for the “delicate balancing and contrarian practices necessary for resilient people in resilient roles.”

Lindstedt will take attendees through his research, lessons, and learning about the “sometimes intuitive, sometimes strange nature of organizational and individual resilience.”

“Adopting resilient practices in order to prepare for the next seismic calamity or marketplace disruption might just cause an existential crisis worse than the threats,” he said. 

During his presentation, Lindstedt will offer a better understanding of organizational resilience and the sacrifices required to achieve it.

He said is looking forward to engaging virtually with experts at DRJ Fall 2021 on their experience with resilience.

Lindstedt is co-author with Mark Armour of the Adaptive BC Manifesto and the Adaptive Business Continuity book. He taught for Norwich University’s Master of Science in Business Continuity Management program. In addition, he occasionally lectures at university classes in BC and project management. 

He has professional memberships in PMI and InfraGard. He is working on his second professional book which is tentatively titled Building Resilient Organizations. 

He volunteers for the Stephen Ministry, prison ministry, InfraGard, and Project Management advising.

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Lance Lynch

Lance Lynch’s passion is “growing others,” and he plans to do that at DRJ Fall 2021 with his presentation “Identifying, Analyzing, and Bridging Gaps in Your Organization’s Plans.”

“While I enjoy building myself and improving upon my own skills and knowledge base, my primary sense of accomplishment comes from helping others grow into what they want to be or achieve their goals,” he said.

Lynch said his “overriding objective in life is to ‘be the person you needed when you were younger.’ Whether the focus is on parenting, collaborating with colleagues, or mentoring students, I apply this principle in all that I do.”

He has been an account executive with Veoci since April 2021. He was a client during his time as BCP manager with Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Veoci, Inc. has 90 employees and more than 350 clients worldwide. The company utilizes a customizable, no-code user interface to let clients digitize and automate their processes. They focus on business continuity, emergency management, and holistic resilience for several industries including healthcare, finance, aviation, higher education, and government.

While at DRJ Fall 2021, Lynch will co-present with Beth Frasure, CBCP. She is a client success manager at Veoci.

According to Lynch, their presentation will discuss how too often plans for organizational resilience falls short during an emergency because of lack of alignment between “between our proverbial left and right hands.

“We’ll discuss pitfalls in planning, ensuring expectations and capabilities are understood, and planning to mitigate gaps discovered,” he said. 

By the end of the presentation, attendees will take away three important items:

-understand the criticality of the alignment of capabilities and expectations between stakeholders

-explain a systematic approach to determine gaps

-discuss strategies to collaboratively bring plans closer to alignment.

Lynch said his favorite aspect of a well-attended DRJ conference is “being refreshed on the notion that ‘iron sharpens iron.’”

He continued, “As practitioners in our fields, we spend so much of our time with our heads down, noses to the grindstone, that we fail to look around and collaborate with others in our field to sharpen our own strategies.”

Lynch said most of the time, professionals find that their problems – however organizationally-significant they may be – are not absolutely unique to them. By discussing with other like-minded peers, they can grow new perspectives and implement tweaks to their own approaches to solving them.

Lynch has worked in emergency response, business continuity, and emergency management for almost 17 years. He began his career as a paramedic, transitioned into air and ground critical care transport, moved into formalized EMS education, and then into healthcare resilience in 2017.

Throughout his career, Lynch has led public safety clinical rotation programs for more than 100 students at a time; restructured and rebranded training, education, and QI programs; and has trained and mentored countless of new paramedics and nurses. 

Most recently, he has coordinated multi-hospital emergency preparedness initiatives, and he’s directed and managed the emergency management and business continuity programs in Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas.

Lynch has earned numerous certifications and degrees in paramedicine, EMS administration, an MBA in organizational counseling, and Certified Business Continuity Professional from DRII. In addition, he is a member of the North Texas Chapters of the American College of Healthcare Executives and Association of Continuity Professionals.

When he’s not working with Veoci, Lynch enjoys perfecting his barbecue skills.

“I’ve spent several years trying regional barbecue from all over the country and passionately defined Texas as being the best,” he said.

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