Wednesday Panel Discussions – Virtual

We will host several interactive Panel Discussions that include great interactivity with the audience.

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Wednesday Panel Discussions October 13, 2021, 4:35 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST

1 - Managing IT Disaster Recovery to Increase Resiliency

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
4:35 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST

Ray Holloman, HCA Healthcare
Melissa Muniz Rhodes, Consultant
Steve Piggott, Cutover
Bart Rys, Everbridge
Biren Jajal, Acronis

Disasters do not discriminate. They affect everyone in the organization, including the IT team tasked with ensuring application availability. For this reason, organizations must take a holistic approach to DR planning instead of waiting until manpower and funds are limited at the time of an event. DRaaS solutions are designed to achieve this goal, combining technology and operational capabilities in cloud-delivered services. DRaaS providers help organizations of all sizes fill this gap with solutions tailored to their specific size, industry, or application(s).

About Ray Holloman
Ray Holloman, CBCP, M.B.A., M.S. is a Senior Business Continuity Administrator for HCA Healthcare. He started working in IT in 2009 and specifically in Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery in 2014.

About Melissa Muniz Rhodes
Melissa Muniz Rhodes has worked in DR for almost 20 years, across different industries and company sizes. She has a passion for persuading companies to see the importance of business resilience through IT resilience.

About Steve Piggott
Steve Piggott works within all facets of Cutover to drive market awareness, revenue growth, and to align with our customers’ requirements and expectations in receiving exceptional enterprise resiliency results. He brings a wealth of experience in driving successful customer outcomes across business transformation, operational resilience, disaster recovery, and business continuity program development

About Bart Rys
Bart Rys currently works as a Director, Business Solutions for the Global Center of Excellence. In this role, he supports Everbridge globally on the execution of Enterprise Strategy and Sales support of the IT Alerting product. Prior to this role, Bart was a Sr. Engagement Manager, streamlining IT Operations and Incident Response for countless Enterprise clients by deploying the Everbridge Platform with a maniacal focus on Customer Success.

About Biren Jajal
Biren Jajal has over 25 years of experience in the backup, disaster recovery, virtualization, and enterprise storage space. He has served as a Disaster Recovery Specialist with Acronis for over 8 years and regularly engages in helping partners build a cloud disaster recovery practice as part of their managed services offering and helps customers establish a cloud disaster recovery strategy for critical server workloads.

2 - Keeping Business in Business Beyond COVID-19

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
4:35 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST

Tracey Rice, Fusion Risk Management
Susan Brown, Guggenheim Partners, LLC
Cole Bisgard, Hy-Vee
Shelly Munoz, BOX
Adam Barrett, Dentsu International

As we move beyond the world of COVID-19 and the return to workplace varies by industries and locations, how should we as Business Continuity professionals think about keeping our organizations operationally resilient? What are some of the steps we can begin to implement now to protect our employees and maintain continuity of business?

About Tracey Rice
With more than twenty years of experience in business continuity, Tracey Rice is an accomplished industry leader and a passionate evangelist, who builds relationships with BCM leaders in enterprise organizations across the globe.

About Sue Brown
Sue Brown is the Vice President at Guggenheim Partners. Her approach to align the BCP program with the organizations mission have not only enhanced the BCP program, but brought value add for the development of other controls outside of the BCP program.

About Cole Bisgard
Cole Bisgard is the Resiliency Program Manager for Hy-Vee, Inc., an employee-owned corporation operating more than 280 retail stores across eight Midwestern states with annual sales of more than $11 billion. He has served in this space for the past six years, and has 13 years of diverse operational experience that informs his approach to help the organization navigate adverse events ranging from floods and tornados to cyber and the COVID-19 pandemic. Cole has a passion for enabling resiliency so that Hy-Vee can continue to make its customers’ and employees’ lives easier, healthier and happier.

About Shelly Munoz
Shelly Munoz administers comprehensive crisis, emergency management and occupational health and safety programs for a global cloud content collaboration management organization. She upholds business continuity program practices with focuses on mitigation and disaster preparedness strategies for disaster risk reduction. Shelly utilizes an all-hazards methodology, and various facets of

About Adam Barrett
Adam Barrett has spent most of his career implementing or maintaining business continuity management systems within medium to large organisations, from Financial Services to Telecommunications. He has previously worked as a cross-industry resilience consultant, holds an MSc in Risk Analysis from King’s College London and is an active Associate Fellow of the Business Continuity Institute.

3 - End-To-End Supply Chain Continuity - “So How Do They Do It?”

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
4:35 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST

John Liuzzi, Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits
Donna Nielsen, Gemstone Consulting
Margaret Millett, Uber Technologies, Inc.
David Halford, Fusion Risk Management

As the globalization of economies and business markets continue to expand, so do the risks and vulnerabilities of the supply chains that support them. The reality that events anywhere in the world can impact any business at any time is a compelling challenge facing many organizations today. Reassessing the risks and building an end-to-end supply chain continuity program is now a top priority for all businesses today.

So how do you build a program to ensure end-to-end supply chain continuity? This informative panel discussion will present easy to understand concepts and best practices that have been proven by the world’s leading organizations in order to sustain an effective business continuity program throughout their supply chains. Our expert panelists will share their real-world experiences and offer practical suggestions on how to drive the innovation that is needed to build an end-to-end supply chain continuity program that will achieve world-class results. Some topics that will be discussed include engaging supply chain partners, identifying supply chain risks and interdependencies, improving information and communications throughout the supply chain, and performing scenario testing and integrated exercises.

About John Liuzzi
John Liuzzi has over 25 years of Business Continuity experience. He is an experienced company President, C-Level executive, and three term Congressional appointee. He is currently the Director of Business Continuity for Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits.

About Donna Nielson
Donna Nielson has a strong background in cybersecurity, project management and vendor management in her consulting practice. Working in a range of industries from banking, healthcare, manufacturing, she excels at risk analysis and mitigation.

About Margaret Millett
Margaret Millett (MSBC, FBCI (Hon), MBCP) is a DRJ Editorial Advisory Board Member. She has been actively involved in the business continuity management profession for many years and worked for Fortune 300 companies.

About David Halford
At Fusion, David Halford is responsible for leading Fusion’s product vision for all Business Continuity Management (BCM) aspects of their solutions with a focus on delivering value through software to every aspect of BCM program management.

4 - Who Needs Business Continuity? Do Up Your Seat Belt!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021
4:35 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. EST

Vito Mangialardi, Public Transit Canada
Lisa Jones, Global Life Sciences
Des O’Callaghan, BCM Consultant
Sarah Vakil, Professional Services

Buckle up as a panel of experienced professionals will take you on a fast journey across a number of topics relevant to all. Leading with humorous video clips and adding serious commentary, panel members will provide fresh insights for all experience levels, demonstrating an interactive approach to awareness raising. This session is interactive leveraging the ‘Ted Talk’ format addressing tropic BCM subjects that include:

Climate Change and Impacts of Severe Weather Event, Continuity planning for the new reality, Cyber Threats and Risks, Exercising (testing) response plans, Preparedness and lessons learned from COVID-19, Professional Certification, BCM Succession planning and What where is our next business continuity shock coming from?

About Vito Mangialardi
Vito Mangialardi leads the BCM Program for METROLIX, the public transit operator in the Toronto, and is the Covid-19 Incident Commandeer. With a 25-year career, he has led, enabled and motivated organizations to become resilient to business interruptions.

About Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones has over 13 years promoting resiliency and elevating contingency planning visibility. She has led comprehensive programs in the healthcare and education. She is currently leading collaborative efforts in building dynamic relationships between operations and technology for a global Life Sciences distribution and manufacturing organization. She also is the Secretary for BCI’s USA Chapter. Lisa is a gifted communicator who readily shares insight on planning awareness, recovery strategies and industry trends, through presentations, articles and thought leadership projects. Lisa’s goal is to ensure organizations recognize the value business continuity professionals provide.

About Des O’Callaghan
Des O’Callaghan FBCI has 31 years of BCM experience, much in the financial sector, He now consults, teaches and volunteers as BCI Canada Leader, BCI Americas Next Practice Group Chair and Lead Assessor. Des often presents at conferences in Canada.

About Sarah Vakil
Sarah Vakil has more than 10 years’ experience as a consultant in business resilience and business continuity management supporting public and private sector clients in Canada, the US, and internationally to design, develop, implement, validate, and audit BCM programs. In her roles with organizations such as KPMG and PwC (where she currently leads the firm’s BCM practice in Western Canada), Sarah has completed dozens of projects across numerous vertical markets. Sarah is active in the profession as a speaker and researcher, and has held board positions with the Association of Continuity Professionals (ACP) and the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE). She holds a Master of Science in Management (University College Dublin), is a Certified Business Continuity Professional and Member of the Business Continuity Institute.