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BC in the Cloud

BC in the Cloud is an integrated platform for business continuity and disaster recovery planning. Our automated tools for building and maintaining effective plans streamline and simplify your Continuity, Governance and Risk Management programs. Our platform offers more features and functionality than any other tool in the market. To complement our platform, we have skilled resources that have worked in the real world using automated tools for building and maintaining effective plans. We know what to focus on to improve productivity, meet requirements, increase resiliency and adhere to deadlines.


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BCMMETRICS(TM) is a suite of business continuity software with intuitive, cloud-based solutions that facilitate operations across your Business Continuity program. BCMMETRICS was created to provide a method to easily and effectively identify and assess critical processes, compliance and risk in your BCM program.

The standards-based component, BCMMETRICS Compliance Confidence (C2), provides a comprehensive self-assessment tool to assess BCM program compliance across seven dimensions, a centralized repository to store and organize results, and comprehensive real-time reporting that provides management with findings in easy to understand graphs and summary/detail reports.

BCMMETRICS Residual Risk (R2) is a cloud-based tool designed to provide organizations with a quantitative method to evaluate where they need to target efforts to minimize major risk – or where they may be exceeding the recovery needs of the business unit and wasting valuable time, money, and resources.

A comprehensive Business Impact Analysis (BIA) is at the foundation of any world-class BCM program. BCMMETRICS BIA On-Demand (BIAOD) is a cloud-based, secure tool that can be used to conduct a BIA at the company, division or department level.

Our cloud-based software means you don’t have to worry about anything technical like server upgrades or security fixes. We take care of all the IT details like updates, backups, upgrades and security so you can concentrate on what matters – running your program and getting on with the job.

BCMMETRICS is regularly reviewed and updated in response to changes in the industry and regulatory landscape. BCMMETRICS is supported by the knowledge and experience of MHA Consulting, Inc. (see our listing under Consultants).

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Bluelock provides Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) for complex IT environments and sensitive data to help companies mitigate risk with confidence. Organizations turn to Bluelock for highly resilient cloud services that support unique requirements. Its exclusive managed service program, Bluelock Recovery Assurance™, gives clients complete confidence that their disaster recovery solution will be uncompromisingly secure, expertly tailored, thoroughly supported and comprehensively tested. All clients receive Bluelock Portfolio™, a software-enabled application to track and manage their entire recovery environment in a single web interface. With datacenters in the United States, Bluelock supports a wide range of compliance frameworks and is SOC 2 audited.

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BluTinuity LLC

BluTinuity is a premier management consulting firm specializing in the full life cycle of business continuity & disaster recovery planning, including BC program development, risk evaluation, continuity strategies, business impact analysis, plan & procedure development, incident response, training & awareness, disaster simulation drills & tabletop exercises, continuous improvement. We also bring strong information security expertise to projects.

BluTinuity’s advisers bring an uncommon background of industries including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, education, utility, and social services. We are passionate about assisting organizations plan and prepare for the unexpected. We excel in complex and difficult environments and have a track record of delivering innovative yet risk focused solutions through deep business process understanding.

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Business Continuity Events/Conferences

Every issue, Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) delivers how-to, in-depth knowledge into business continuity planning more than any other business publication. This unique ability to take readers further inside the issues has made DRJ the #1 read business continuity publication in the world.
As the publishers of the industry’s premier publication on business continuity, DRJ has an abundance of resources and materials available for your use. In addition to the magazine, DRJ sponsors the worlds’ two largest conferences and exhibitions in the industry with over 3,000 in total attendance.
Check out www.drj.com to sign up for a free subscription or for more information.