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Paradigm Solutions International

Paradigm Solutions International (PSI) provides world-class Business Continuity (BC)/Disaster Recovery (DR) software products and services to a wide range of commercial enterprises and mission critical government agencies. The OpsPlanner software is a comprehensive, easy to use, web-based tool with BC/DR Planning,
Business Impact Analysis, Emergency Management and Automated Notification. PSI also offers certified, expert Business Continuity consulting services.

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Populus Fortis Consulting, LLC.

At Populus Fortis, we believe our job is to enhance and strengthen people by providing the tools and peace of mind for our clients to rely on when disaster strikes. Our talented team of consultants comes with the experience and compassion necessary to exceed your expectations. With diverse backgrounds, our people have what it takes to help turn your business into strong people. At Populus Fortis, we believe that service is more than a buzzword. We believe in helping your business become more. More prepared, more reliable, and more capable of enduring the inevitable. We do that by providing personalized business continuity & disaster recovery services from start to finish. So contact us today, and let us begin turning your business into Strong People.

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Premier Continuum

Premier Continuum (PCI) is a leader in Business Continuity, IT Disaster Recovery, and Crisis, Emergency and Risk Management, offering holistic services including consulting and BCI and ICOR certified training, supported by ParaSolution, its world-class and award-winning BCM software. A trusted advisor for over two decades, PCI is highly agile and delivers considerable added value to organizational resilience in a cost-effective way that complies with the highest standards and current best practice.