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Industry survey ranks iModus #1 notification and on demand system
Vocal scores highest in the CIR magazine’s Emergency and Mass Notification Report review of leading providers

Vocal’s award-winning iModus emergency notification and business continuity solution gained another accolade this month, achieving first place in the Continuity Insurance & Risk (CIR) Magazine’s survey of 17 leading global service providers.

iModus, the first fully integrated business continuity suite encompassing notification, planning, mapping, alerting, staff safety and incident management modules, scored 62 out of a possible 64 against a matrix of service features and capabilities.

The Emergency and Mass Notification report gives organisations the opportunity to evaluate service providers and software side by side and to review their security and auditing features, overall functionality and product range.

Vocal’s benchmark score for iModus reflects a keen understanding of customer requirements and a strong culture of innovation in the company’s account and technical teams. “We are thrilled that iModus has been recognised for its market-leading capabilities which meet customer needs in a wide range of industries and different operational environments. We focus constantly on anticipating customer needs and adding features in a fast-changing business world. We are delighted that our exceptionally high score in the survey reflects this,” said Georgina Hammond, Vocal’s Marketing Manager.

In the comparison matrix, iModus performed particularly strongly in the technical, security and support criteria, and in its range of products. This comprehensive capability means customers can choose to use iModus for many or few activities, depending on their business requirements. iModus also scored highly with its ability to embrace time zones and languages, different communication technologies and a range of user devices and contact preferences.

Decision makers at The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications Project (CSSC) for the London 2012 Olympic-Paralympic Games recognised the same wide-ranging strengths in iModus when they chose it to be the official emergency notification provider for this summer’s high profile events in London. “After an extensive process, iModus was selected. It was the best match for communication, message delivery, control, auditing and security. Without iModus and the work Vocal have done in software preparation and post-launch enhancements, our work during the summer would have been much more complex. iModus is robust, reliable, straight forward and did what we required.”


Contact: Georgina Hammond,, +44(0)1206 443123

Notes to editors:

About Vocal
Industry leader Vocal has been providing business continuity solutions since 1998, delivering the multi-award-winning emergency notifications solution iModus, a resilient, flexible and innovative communications platform, to thousands of clients in the public and private sectors globally.
The new generation of iModus has grown with the needs of customers into a web-based, multilingual, resilient notification platform at the cutting edge of technology. It offers advanced notifications and acknowledgements capability, both broadcast and sequenced messaging, live voice, communication groups, voice solutions including crisis lines plus incident management and business continuity plan management capability.
iModus also offers innovative location and lone worker technology options, safeguarding privacy and security for users and overcoming the issues of battery drain.
Visit for more information.