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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 14:19

Are You Disaster Ready?


Among the concerns about disaster-recovery, the assurance of recovery is the most important one for businesses. Data movers focus only on the test fail over procedure. In order to have resilience recovery, organizations must have disaster recovery simulation on weekly or monthly basis. Moreover, short periods of DR tests, Provides the organization, the confidence and experience necessary to respond to real emergency. Practice makes perfect.

Organizations should be able to identify failure in the recovery plan prior to actual disaster situation. It is a very challenging journey to walk through from the unknown and the risky position, to 100% Recovery assurance! The demand for a thorough, frequent automatic DR test tool become to be urgent as highly important. Organizations would like to get ready to any disaster situation. To be recovery guarantee.

During real disaster, a lot of unexpected problems will popup. you must know at least you are DR READY. Reliable disaster recovery is critical for business survival. Organizations don’t get second chance when disaster strike. During that critical demanding moment, a lot of unexpected problems will popup.

Without periodic testing, time has a way of eroding a disaster-recovery plan’s effectiveness. Most of the organizations don’t know to tell is they really DR READY.

Environmental changes can prevent servers to turn-on properly, network problems like mac address, IP address, DHCP and dissimilar infra. Application unable to run or DB inconsistent: sometimes we have notices customers who changed the number of servers that run a certain application. They didn’t know they haven’t updated the secondary site. DC that can't recover, that can shut down the entire site. Personnel dependency; Sometimes its personnel turnover, missing knowledge, availability - is he onsite or is he away. And in the end, all you get is a yearly test, which is far from being enough.

An intelligent DR test should include:

  • Automation testing that cut resources and save money
  • Determining the feasibility of the recovery process
  • Identifying areas of the plan that need modification or enhancement
  • Demonstrating the ability of the business to recover
  • Identifying deficiencies in existing procedures
  • And increasing the quality and knowledge of the people who execute the disaster-recovery

When disaster occurs, the organization got one chance to recover. DR Readiness is critical for business survival. Only short periods DR test can address that need.

Shay UriUri Shay is the chief executive officer of EnsureDR ltd., a software that simulates a disaster recovery process, automatically and frequently.